We are not dead

The writer Roy Galán has published a text on Facebook about the aggression against the LGTBI Center in Barcelona that we wanted to recover here.

GAYLES.TV.- Roy Galán is a Galician writer who approaches the quarantine with three books published behind him (one of them very recent, by the way, "Nobody inside you"). Bachelor of Law, however, has focused his career in more creative tasks, literature, illustration, photography. And one would say that everything is done well, to the point that the supplement El País He recognized him as a new talent for his photographic work.

But it was a text of his that we read on Facebook, which leads us to want to publish it here today, on Gayles.tv. Not only because of the emotionality that it distils and because of its claiming character, but also because of the literary quality, the good work and the commitment that overflows. It tells us about the aggression of the past weekend LGTBI Center of Barcelona.

That its reading serves to reflect on what happened, on the barbarism and fascism that surrounds us and, why not? make it a perfect occasion to discover this great writer and best person. We are left with the definition that we read on his website: "Roy Galán writes from before even that he learned to write. Because writer is also the one who dreams, aware that there is a world on the back of each letter, and sows the doubt of whether this will not be the real world ".

Roy Galán

Here is your text:

"Hate is always a decision.

Someone decides to write RIP LGTBi law on the ground.

Someone decides to break the glass of the recently opened LGTBI center in Barcelona.

Write that we are dead.

No, we are not.

Even though we have been killed throughout history in every possible way in which we can kill a human being.

They have imprisoned us for vagrants and crooks, they have provoked electric shocks to cure us of our illness, they have shot and thrown us in gutters, they have persecuted us, insulted us, spit and beaten us, they have withdrawn our affections, threatened to stop loving us if not We changed, blackmailed with telling our "secret", we have been stigmatized and blamed for carrying a virus, they have excluded us and discriminated against us and kicked us out of our homes, they have tried to make us feel guilty, we thought we deserved nothing good except the Hell, there was something wrong with being who we were.

And then they have "accepted" us under their rules, only if we fulfilled their normal types. You can join but that is not marriage, do not mess it up, nothing to call your family or raise anyone, because family is what I say is family, they are gay as God intended and not those locals of the floats, that do their things in their places and do not bother us, how fun and beautiful they are, what a pity that they do not like girls, you do not notice anything is that it is very feminine.

When it has not been like that and we have been "upset", they have been offended and angry to see that we have not been what they needed us to be: Invisible.

But enough to do as we do not exist.

Because we are despite what anyone can say about our existences.

We do not have to fit into anyone's world.

Because the world also belongs to us.

As much as fuck them.

They want us with fear, but we and we have decided to fight with our joy.

Because joy and love are also a decision.

Make ropes with our fingers.

Kiss us

Invade the streets with the presence of our feelings.

Live with pride

Never retreat. "

Roy Galán

Thank you Roy, infinite thanks for this declaration of principles from the heart.

Source: Roy Galán's Facebook

Photograph: EFE, Instagram


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