Together we triumph! More lesbian advertising

With the slogan "Together we triumph" the lingerie brand Triumph points to the fashion of advertising starring lesbians

GAYLES.TV.- We will never tire of saying how important it is for companies to include LGTBI referents in their advertising campaigns. Because it normalizes, because it gets our realities to reach the public in a nice and attractive way.

But what is surprising in this case is that the advertising spot for the lingerie brand "Triumph" It is played exclusively by couples of women, women in love, women who laugh, who have fun, who get married, who take care of their children, women who live their empowered condition (yes, the word on this occasion does come to mind ) and without complexes. Women who help each other, who support each other, who practice that concept that from time to time resonates more and more in certain circles: sorority.

together we triumph

Sorority that means counting with one another to accompany us, reinforce us, push us to be better, stronger, freer and able to live our own life without asking permission from anyone, with the support of our sisters, who are in the end all. Because soror is the Latin root meaning sister and the RAE It would be good to begin to consider the inclusion of that derivative cultist who is already taking over the street.

And by the way, are not we women the main consumers of lingerie? And I said principals, that are not exclusive, you understand me. And this clarification serves to silence the possible voices that question precisely that, that only women appear in the announcement. Perhaps because one of those voices would prefer to see the bodies of these women exposed to the gaze of male desire. Well, it's going to be no. Women as a potential audience, client women, women with, for and for women.

Because what draws attention and especially distinguishes this campaign from any other that integrates LGTBI people, is that when the Making off it is discovered that the film crew is also mainly composed of women! At least it is what is perceived in those sequences that appear in the video.

So an applause for "Triumph", a joy for the senses to enjoy this campaign and of course here you have the two videos, the spot and the making off. Enjoy them and you know, "Together we Triumph"!



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