PP and Ciudadanos are left without a car in the pride of Madrid for negotiating with Vox

The head of the banner will feature historical activists and not political parties

GAYLES.TV.- El pinkwashing it has a price. It is not enough to take a selfie like Albert Rivera at Mado, or put yourself behind the banner as Andrea Levy. Pride is vindication. So postureos the righteous. At last the FELGTB y Take up they have rectified and this year the floats of the floats were finished. And those of the partners of the extreme right.

Pride LGTBI Madrid banner veto politicosUge Sangil, President of the FELGTB has declared that "This year we want all the protagonism to fall on the people who were pioneers in the fight for our rights and, therefore, it will be they who lead the demonstration instead of the leaders of the political parties" So the Pride's head will be formed by historical movement activists like Jordi Petit, Boti G. Rodrigo o Carla Antonelli.

In addition, the demonstration will place special emphasis on the importance of "not to take a step back in acquired rights and stop the extreme right", what "is entering into autonomic governments thanks to the hand that the majority conservative parties are extending to it", Point out the collective organizers. Therefore, the veto on PP y Ciudadanos it will be specified that neither of the two formations will be able to have a float on the march, unlike other parties like the PSOE o Podemos, that will have one. The popular have never requested it, but the orange formation has carried a float in the last two years.

The veto has its origin in a decalogue of Take up which includes ten commitments with rights LGTBI in different areas, among them, education, health or culture. The first, however, is "not to use the votes of the parties that defend an ideology of the extreme right to govern"

Pride LGTBI Madrid banner veto politicos

Source: eldiario.es

Photograph: Reuters


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