Ireland forbids the entry of a homophobic preacher

The homophobic preacher is prohibited from entering 26 European countries

GAYLES.TV.- For the first time in history Ireland will resort to Immigration Law of 1999 to veto access to a person. Is about Steven Anderson, a homophobic and anti-Semitic preacher. This has been assured by the Christian Democrat Charlie Flanagan, Irish Minister of Justice and Interior of Ireland. Flanagan He explained that he signed the ministerial order last Friday. "for the interest of public policy" More of 14.000 people they had signed a petition to ban him from entering

Anderson, of 38 years, is the leader of the Baptist Church of the Faithful Word, based in the town of Tempe (Arizona). I had planned to get to Dublin the next 26 of May, according to he advanced himself in a video posted on his website. The controversial preacher has vetoed his presence in the 26 European countries that form the space Schengen. As Ireland is not part of this area, he wanted to meet there with 150 followers. The pressure of the community LGTB + Irish has prevented it.

Homophobic and anti-Semitic

In addition to deny the Holocaust, the preacher is also characterized by his comments homophobic, as when he justified the murder of 49 people in the gay disco Pulse of Orlando (Florida) in 2016. A few years ago he was expelled from United Kingdom y South Africa for its rhetoric in favor of hatred. In 2016, while he was in Botswana argued that homosexuals and lesbians should be "stoned to death".

Some of the comments of this religious have caused great controversy as his statement that U.S.A. could be "free of AIDS"If one started"killing against all homosexual people " or his request to God to kill Caitlyn Jenner. About the killing of Press She said: "The good news is that there are less 50 pedophiles in this world".

His biography adds that he does not have a university degree, but notes that he has memorized, "word by word", More than 140 chapters of the Bible. Amen.

Ireland forbids the entry of a homophobic preacher

Source: La Vanguardia, Disaster

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