FIRE !! It's your life!

The 23ª International Exhibition of Gay and Lesbian Cinema FIRE has been inaugurated in Barcelona! of the Casal Lambda dedicated this year to the stage of childhood and adolescence

GAYLES.TV.- All in the inaugural act of the 23ª edition of FIRE !! breathed freshness, joy, color and joie de vivre: the poster, the trailer of this 2018 edition, the slogan "It's your life", but above all the desire, the atmosphere, the discourse of absolute respect when it comes to addressing the central theme of this year, childhood. Because although it is true that childhood for LGTBI people is a stage that is not usually easy, it is also that magical moment in which "everything is to be done and everything is possible" as he wrote Miquel Martí i Pol.

There are three obstacles to be overcome in this period: the acceptance of one's own difference, the task of seeking acceptance in the most immediate circle that is the family and the habitual rejection in the school environment. But the vision of FIRE! it is neither defeatist nor torn, it is a song of hope. Emilio Ruiz, until recently president of Couple Lambda writes: "We approach childhood, adolescence and youth from a respectful, attentive, sensitive and tender look. And we want to do it positively. It's your life! A declaration of intentions. Joy to live, to enjoy every moment, to love whoever you want, to do what you want, to be what you want to be ". There is no space in this look for silence, for concealment or guilt, because it is a clean, luminous, supportive, refuge, recognition and respectful look.

A great edition that was inaugurated with the projection of "Love, Cecil", a documentary directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland which is an exhaustive journey through the life of Cecil Beaton, photographer, designer, writer, in short, one of the most versatile and unclassifiable geniuses of the 20th century. An excellent starting signal to make way for an extensive and very careful selection of films that you will find on the festival's official website and in the trailer that we leave then and of course, with what is already an annual tradition, the expected festival spot.

We want it to be again Emilio Ruiz who closes with his words of hope this article: "Let's never stop celebrating life. Let's get up, with pride. Celebrate life, show the joy of living and be genuine, be what we want to be, be authentic and remember the words of Antonia San Juan in "All about my mother": "It costs a lot to be authentic ... and one is more authentic, when more resembles what she dreamed of being herself ".

Live life, live life!



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