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Not respecting the name meaning of a transsexual person already has a name: "deadnaming"

GAYLES.TV.- Yesterday was celebrated worldwide "Day of transsexual visibility" and the media, unfortunately not all, echoed to a greater or lesser extent the situation in which approximately 1% of the population live that shows clear disagreement with their biological sex.

We could repeat here the manifestos, claims, denunciations, statistics and outrages to which the people that make up this group are subjected day after day, but we will not do it. We preferred to take a little distance and refer to a topic that might seem minor, but that is a major grievance: the use of the old name to address a person who has made the transition of gender. In some cases, like that of the well-known photographer Mar C. Llop, the phonetic similarity with the name that his parents gave him at birth softens the error, but if you call yourself Chelsea and in an interview they address you as Bradley, a name that has not represented you for more than 5 years, the gesture is a full-blown aggression.

That precisely happened to Chelsea Manning in an interview for Al Jazeera what was he doing Peter Greste. In a dialogue by videoconference, she referred to Chelsea by her old name and the interviewee interrupted her sharply with the phrase: "Please, do not make me deadnaming". Word of difficult translation that would come to mean "The dead name".

Not everyone in the transsexual community agrees with that definition because many people consider that it is not about killing what you were and what represented you, but rather it would be a state of transition, the evolution of a last name.

Caitlyn Jenner

Anyway, whenever someone asks a trans person "What did you call yourself before?" or worse yet: "What's your name 'real'?" he would be commenting deadnaming. Another practice that could be defined as such would be the publication of photographs before the transit with captions of the old name. A situation that has often lived Caitlyn Jenner with photos of his Olympic medalist stage as Bruce Jenner.

One news that would be linked to this issue is the prohibition of deadnaming en Twitter. Since the end of November, the practices that could constitute a "Hate behavior" in the social network, any user who refers to a trans person by his or her old name, can be closed for a period of time or indefinitely.

A similar practice and also penalized by Twitter is the misgendering that would come to be a kind of denial of transsexuality. An example is that of the Canadian feminist Megan Murphy when I post to your account that "Men are not women" incurring a fault that caused the temporary closure of your account.

These are aspects to be taken into account because they involve much more than we suppose. Bruce H. Lipton explains in his book "The biology of belief", a usual practice in kinesiology which consists of resisting some contrary pressure while we say our name. When the person is asked to exercise that same pressure by saying a name of the opposite gender is incapable, the subconscious rebels and faces the conscious mind. You can not say "I am Juan" and keep the pressure if you feel "I am Maria". As simple as that.

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