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The 28A elections trigger creativity in social networks

GAYLES.TV.- The incredible results obtained by the PSOE, the unappealable failure of PP (in liquidation) and the clear clarity of the message sent from the polls to the Spanish political class make today a day of joy for all the people that make up the LGTBI collective. Times will come to suffer for possible pacts and to grit your teeth and stoically endure the bravado of the new incorporations to the Congress from the ranks of VOX, but today it's time to toast, sigh with relief and smile.


And yes, we already know that the extreme right enters for the first time in that house of all Spaniards and we can tear our clothes or think that the number of deputies has been lower than predicted by some doomsayers and that in a certain way they have been there forever . In addition, there are better controlled than in the street threatening, assaulting, insulting, shooting and scaring the staff.

Said which and to end up making the day happy, nothing like the memes that circulate through social networks. And it is that who sows winds collects storms and VOX precisely threatened virtually every living creature with a tweet posted on their social networks that used a photogram of "The Lord of the rings" and that, under the heading "Let the battle begin!", placed as enemies to gays (a curious ghost with LGTBI colors that has become a symbol), feminists, communists, media, Republicans, Catalans , anarchists ... Do you leave me to someone? And of course, the staff has lacked time to turn around the tortilla. Here we leave one of the answers to the meme that circulate since last night on the networks. How fast, ingenious and creative people are. Highly recommended a little while on Twitter looking for others.

meme vox abascal running

In the face of barbarism and threat, we will continue to oppose perseverance, struggle and humor because badly it weighs you down, we are still here and we continue to do the same! And do not forget to review the article we publish here, on Gayles.tv "28A Elections: the LGBT + proposals of the parties" in case you have any doubt.

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