Ecuador legalizes equal marriage

Same-sex couples can get married in Ecuador

GAYLES.TV.- With five votes in favor Constitutional Court gave way to the call equal marriage in Ecuador; which allows same-sex couples to marry civilly. The judges voted in favor Daniela Salazar, Ramiro Avila, Ali Lozada, Karla Andrade and Agustin Grijalva.

With five affirmative votes and four against. The Constitutional Court of Ecuador He spoke favorably in front of two standard consultations related to equal civil marriage. One of the cases is related to the couple formed by the president of the Equity Foundation, Efraín Soriaand Javier Benalcázar who have led a struggle for their union since the year 2017. The decision directly favors at least a dozen Ecuadorian couples in their same circumstances.

Según Soria this resolution influences "positively in the country because we are going to stop being second class citizens to be first class citizens and be able to exercise the same rights" His couple Javier Benalcázar He said they feel "Excited after so much struggle". "The people who had this in their hands touched their hearts", Declared after hearing the resolution of the Court.

In that sense, the president of the National Federation of LGBTI Organizations Dianne Rodríguez I consider it "a breakthrough"And she was even surprised that the Court ruled in favor of equal marriage. "It is a legal precedent"He assured of a decision that, in his opinion, can also contribute to the decrease in violence against community members.

The activist LGTBI, Pamela Troya, who had filed a petition similar to that of Soria y Benalcázar, indicated that the Constitutional Court will "places the right side of the story and finally broad rights". "I think we have become a little bit more just and egalitarian"He said in the exterior of the public building.

Ecuador legalizes equal marriage

Source: CNN Spanish, The universe

Photograph: EFE


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