They kill Kevin Fret, Puerto Rican ragpicker and LGTBI activist

Kevin Fret, from 24 years, was shot while driving a motorbike in Puerto Rico

GAYLES.TV.- The ragpicker and LGTBI activist Kevin Fret was killed last Thursday in the city of San Juan Puerto Rico). Freight I had only 24 years. He was shot while driving a motorcycle through the neighborhood of Santurce from the Puerto Rican capital towards five o'clock in the morning. A group of strangers began firing at him and he was hit by up to eight shots. The police are still investigating the case, and it is not ruled out that it is a hate crime. Freight he was the first singer of trap openly gay in Latin America and previously had been the victim of homophobic aggression.

Your appearance gender fluid and his claim of rights LGTBI they had been subjected to criticism, threats and even homophobic attacks. Last June, Freight denounced through his social networks that he had been beaten in Miami (USA) while sunbathing "I am a person who does not care what anyone has to say. I see young homosexuals or young lesbians who now see me as a model to imitate, who say, do not care what anyone else has to say, I can do it too"He assured.

The account of InstagramWhere Freight appears with more than 114 thousand followers is if content only prevailed a message that read: "Pray, rest, wait for the times and I will do the rest"

Trapero and LGTBI activist

The human rights activist, Pedro Julio Serrano, in his Twitter account he posted the following message: "The murder of Kevin Fret is painful. My solidarity with your loved ones. It is disgusting to see the homophobia that is triggered in moments when an LGBTT person dies in this way. No one is looking to be killed. Violence is never justified. Let them investigate all the angles. I am very sorry. My deepest condolences to your loved ones, I hope you investigate all the angles and do not rule out if it was because of your sexual orientation, since you lived openly gay".

The first great success of Kevin Fret was I'm like this, a theme that was released in YouTube in April of 2018. Only nine months later it accumulates more than 730 thousand visits. "As much as they want to hate me, it's just that I'm like that", Started the hit, full of protest messages, as was usual in their songs.

Source: First hour,Huffington Post

Photograph: YouTube Kevin Fret


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