Brutal assault on a lesbian couple on a London bus

"They wanted us to kiss for them" explains one of the victims who suffered lesbophobia in London

GAYLES.TV.- Last Thursday 30 of May on the 1 of the dawn Melania Geymoant and his girlfriend chris They were traveling on the second floor of a London bus. Suddenly a group of young people rebuked them for being kissed. They shouted at them, threw things at them, beat them and finally stole their belongings. The image in which they appear full of blood is chilling.

Little could I imagine Melania Geymonat, a Uruguayan from 28 years who graduated as a doctor last year and now works in London as a flight attendant Ryanair that she would end up with her bloody clothes and with a nasal ridge fracture for being a lesbian.

Brutal assault on a lesbian couple on a London busSo remember what happened: "they sat around us, they were young people between 20 and 30 years old, they started shouting things to us that I do not remember well, but it was like 'lesbians'. they made allusions to sexual postures and constantly told us to kiss or do things that they would be entertained by watching" A kind of Show that they demanded for the fact of being lesbians. Lesbofobia and patriarchy. One more.

Melania He told them that his girlfriend did not speak English and that she did not understand what they were saying. At the insistence, chris "she became ill" Y Melania he asked the aggressors to stop, that he felt bad. But they did not stop.

The aggression did not stop: "They followed, they started throwing us coins and the next thing I remember is to see chris in the middle of the bus and at least three guys hitting him. When I arrived at the place, she was already quite bloody, and I tried to get her out. I do not remember if they beat me because I wanted to get her out or because I hit defense. I know that in one or two blows I felt that they did something to me and I began to bleed like crazy"

"I still do not know if my nose is broken and I have not been able to go back to work. What annoys me most is that it is necessary to get to the blood and a story of four kids carrying pummeling against two women so that this image has an impact class. To learn daily about similar situations, for being women to be seen as a sexual object, to know about gay friends who were beaten to death for the sake of it, to have to endure the compliments, and the macho, misogynist and homophobic violence, because when you defend yourself, things like that happen. In passing, I thank the men and women of my life who know that having eggs means something else. I hope that since June is the month of pride, this will be useful to talk about these things, to generate awareness so that there will not be so much violence"He related Melania a The Observer.

The police of London investigates and analyzes the bus security cameras to identify the attackers.

Source: The Observer, El País, Montevideo Portal

Photograph: Twitter


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