Two arrested for a homophobic attack on the Barcelona metro

"Of course, you're not a man, you're a fagot," they told him before the assault

GAYLES.TV.- The Mossos d'Esquadra They have arrested two people accused of a crime of injuries for an alleged attack on a boy in the subway station of Urquinaone andn Barcelona. The young man has reported that he has suffered an injury under the eye and that he has been given six stitches. An SEM ambulance that has evacuated the victim to the scene has been moved to the scene of the incident. Primary Care Center of Ciutat Vella.

This is the story that the victim herself has written and that the Observatory Against Homophobia has posted on social networks to denounce the aggression:

"Going to work in the subway at the 6 in the morning there were four children who, upon entering, decided to hesitate. At first I was silent and I changed my place, when I followed one and I said "What's wrong with you?" And he has risen to tell me to tell him from man to man that same, I have decided to ignore him. Then he said "Sure, you're not a man, you're a fagot" to which I replied that what he was is stupid. They have continued threatening me until I have called the emergency intercom, they have answered me but they have not given me a solution. When I got off at my stop, about to take the stairs from behind, they knocked me down and kicked me. At first I defended myself and two ended up on the floor, but they were 4 against me so I shrugged to wait for it to happen. The security guards arrived soon and I touch my face and I find it full of blood. Finally the Mossos and the ambulance come. From the 6 in the morning until now going around. At least now I know what it feels like to get points. But of course, I saw blurry"

Source: BTV,

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