"Fucking fags!", Another aggression

A couple of boys suffers an aggression in Barcelona at the hands of a group of energumenos to go hand in hand and wear yellow ties

GAYLES.TV.- Joan Vidal and Jonathan Martínez They proposed to spend a pleasant day participating in a popular activity, XIII Calçotada Jove del Fort Pienc. For the neophytes we will say that a calçotada is a popular festival in which calçots are eaten, a kind of onion bulbs with romesco sauce, accompanied by butifarra, good wine, music and good company. Come on, what is known as a subversive activity! But these two guys made the mistake of loving each other and not hiding it and to make matters worse they did not hide that they were a couple holding hands, but they did not hide their ideology: they wore yellow ties on their shirts, something that has become a symbol to ask for the freedom of political prisoners in Spain. The height of highs, fagots and independentistas, an excellent prey for the mob that went hunting on Saturday night.

The members of the herd of fascist homophobes knew where they hunted because the event was attended by young people, mostly left and independent, or not, in any case it was a popular act and open to people of all kinds in a neighborhood of Barcelona. A group of 8 and 10 individuals pounced on the two boys to see them holding hands to the scream (so original!) Of "Fucking fags" and when they saw the yellow ties the hatred turned into fury: "Puigdemont to prison! Go to Estremera with them!". All very respectful and very democratic. They started hitting Jonathan in the head and in the back and then they raged with Joan, his partner who was stamped with a bottle in the face breaking a tooth and then they threw him to the ground causing a dislocation in the arm.

The two young people have filed a complaint and part of the injuries, but at the moment the aggressors have not been identified.

We could say that it is sad, very sad, but no, because what it is is outrageous. It outrages the absolute impunity with which the fascist groups move through the streets of towns and cities threatening, insulting, pulling off ties and flags and of course attacking LGTBI people or anyone who does not fit in with their ideology. barbarism. But it still hurts more the lack of solidarity of those who allegedly hang the medal of democrats, left-wing people and LGTBI activists. And many, too many look the other way because the boys wore yellow ties and it must be that that puts them in a category of deserving aggression.

It is worth remembering here the words of Bertolt Brecht

«First they took the Jews,
but since I was not a Jew, I did not care.
Then they took the communists,
but since I was not a communist, I did not care either.
Then they took the workers,
but since I was not a worker, I did not care either.
Later they took the intellectuals,
but since I was not an intellectual, I did not care either.
Then they continued with the priests,
but since I was not a priest, I did not care either.
Now they come for me, but it's too late. "

A good listener few words are enough, keep looking away and maybe, when they come for you, there is no one left.

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