8 of March, if women stop the world, it stops

International day of women's rights calls for strikes and mobilizations around the world

GAYLES.TV.- Last year we caught the majority of politicians unprepared, they did not expect it, they did not imagine it, they could not have foreseen the magnitude of the mobilization that the women carried out all over the planet. And this year they wanted to move forward to the events, they want to lead the demonstrations, make statements in front of all the microphones of all the media, vindicate themselves as more feminist than anyone else. It pampers so much paternalism, that they support, that they respect, that they legislate in favor, but that they allow us to defend ourselves with our own resources, that they do not confuse us. "Works are loves and not good reasons".

Of course, that problem has not been in the Party. In an official statement they have just announced that they will not attend the unitary demonstration because they consider the manifest set of "partisan and politicized". So the popular ones who had confirmed their presence at the concentration will not attend: Andrea Levy, Marimar Blanco, Cuca Gamarra or Marta González... Are you really not going? Are you going to submit to the PP ties like that, without a complaint? What a pity, frankly!

El full text of the manifest You can read it here, but it is worth stopping at some points with which any woman can feel identified:

  • So that we can be free, to be considered the sexist violence as a matter that concerns all of society and take into account their different causes and dimensions.
  • For justice to create us and stop applying a patriarchal logic, to that the laws against sexist violence be effectively enforced and expanded to include sexual violence.
  • So that women are masters of our bodies our desires and our decisions. So that sexual dissidents, with special attention to trans women, stop suffering aggressions and multiple violence. For a society that respects and values ​​sexual diversity, identity and / or gender expression.

And we could continue, but it is enough to collect here the closing of this text prepared by the March Feminist Commission 8 and that should be a must read in companies, classrooms, markets ... In front of "We first" we pose the "we together".

For a day do not work, do not study, do not bar, do not cook, do not buy, do not consume .... For a day scream, sing, dance, fight, go out with your sisters, because IF WE STOP, THE WORLD STOPS!


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