When we were "lazy and crooks"

40 years ago that the "acts of homosexuality" stopped being considered illegal and punishable in the Spanish state

GAYLES.TV.- Today, December 26, 40 years of the repeal of certain articles of the Law of Hazard and Social Rehabilitation that affected homosexuals. The 26 of December of 1978, the ministers of Adolfo Suárez they heard in Congress the arguments for and against the modification of the aforementioned law. Almost unanimously (284 votes cast, 278, A favor and 6 abstentions) some articles of the Francoist law that included those who practiced begging, homosexuality, vandalism, trafficking and consumption of drugs, the sale of pornography were suppressed , prostitution and procuring, illegal immigrants and anyone considered dangerous social by the regime.

The Social Danger was a law of the Spanish penal code that had been approved by the Franco regime in August of 1970 coming to replace the Law of Vagrants and Crooks that for decades it had served to control all individuals considered antisocial.

The Law established penalties ranging from fines to penalties of five years of imprisonment in prisons or psychiatric centers for the "rehabilitation" of the individuals. The consideration of "sick" prevented from enjoying certain benefits applied to those who were in prison, thus the pardon of 1975 and the amnesty of 1976 promulgated after the death of Franco, did not include any of those considered dangerous social. They were not prisoners, they were sick and consequently they could not be pardoned or amnestied.

It is obvious that these laws, together with that of "Public scandal", were used systematically to repress homosexuality and transsexuality during the Franco regime and well into democracy. The definitions that were used in the legal texts already say a lot about the consideration of behaviors: inverted, passive pedophiles, unnatural acts, disgusting nefarious vice and a long list of insults and disqualifications.

Under the umbrella of those laws, he was arrested, imprisoned in prisons and asylums, and even in prison camps created expressly for homosexuals, andl of Huelva for assets and of Badajoz for liabilities. And other innumerable places like Tefía in Fuerteventura or the special galleries for homosexuals in the Model of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Carabanchel where modules were enabled to confine this type of prisoners. From the known as dovecoteOn the third floor of the prison in Madrid, several inmates jumped into the void to kill themselves.

The panorama was absolutely devastating: psychiatrists, aversive therapies, electroshock and even lobotomizations that left the children as vegetables for life. The only way out was to take refuge in false marriages or commit suicide.

It was the fight of the homosexual groups that got the modification of the law on the public scandal in 1983, and its subsequent derogation in 1989. The Law of Social Hazard completely disappeared on November 23 from 1995. A little more than 20 years ago.

El Barcelona's town hall It has thrown forward a macro cause of condemnation of crimes against the group committed during the Franco regime and invites victims and testimonies to go to the office of non-discrimination to join it.

In summary, only 40 years have passed since a large part of the LGTBI group stopped being considered sick and the achievements obtained since then are the result of the struggle of the whole group. Already there are voices that want to throw the clock of history back and our slogan today as then it can only be one: NOT PASS!

Source: chainser.com, eldiario.es, publico.es


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