A visual acuity test to detect LGTBI+phobia

Even if you don't see it, LGTBI+phobia is there A visual acuity test to detect LGTBI+phobia

A regional government campaign encourages citizens to “become an agent of change” against LGTBI+phobia

'Even if you don't see it, LGTBI+phobia is there. Take action!', is the motto of the campaign launched by the Executive on the occasion of the 17M. The objective is "encourage citizens to become agents of change to help eliminate speeches and attitudes of rejection towards the LGTBI+ community«.

From the regional Executive it is considered necessary that «the cases of harassment and aggression suffered by these people come to light to avoid the current situation of 'underreporting', which the latest reports at the state level place at 80%«.

To this end, the Government has launched an awareness campaign this month under the slogan 'Even if you don't see it, LGTBI+phobia is there. Take action! / Ikusi ez arren, LGTBI+phobia hor dago. Ekin!', designed on the occasion of the May 17, International Day against LGTBIphobia.

Even if you don't see it, LGTBI+phobia is thereThe message aims to “highlight the ability of all people to contribute to reversing hate speech against people based on sexual orientation.”

The first vice president and advisor of Presidency and Equality, Félix Taberna, presented the campaign this Monday together with the managing director of the Navarra Institute for Equality / Nafarroako Berdintasuneko Institutua (INAI / NABI), Patricia Abad, and the deputy director of this organization, Martinicorena Moon. Representatives of LGTBI+ groups Kattalingorri and Ilota Ledo, the Ombudsman, Patxi Vera, as well as political representatives.

Discriminatory attitudes

In statements to the media, Tavern has recalled that “On May 17, 1990, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the manuals that classified it as a mental illness.”. Although he has highlighted that “we are advancing”, has criticized that “There is still a phobia about belonging to a group, in this case gender identity".

The regional Executive has considered it necessary to “continue working hand in hand with the associative movement and citizens to stop the current increase in the presence of anti-feminist discourses and LGBTIphobic and eliminate discriminatory attitudes that persist in the social, educational, health, labor or economic spheres.”

Even if you don't see it, LGTBI+phobia is there

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