"Dolls", a web series for diversity. 2 Season

"Dolls", a web series for diversity. 2 Season

Today begins the second season of Dolls. Five lesbian women and one gay in group therapy dealing with sexual affective conflicts

Gayles.tv | «Dolls»Is the lesbian series that is sweeping the Internet. Sex, love, insecurities and conflicts are some of the elements that bring together 8 characters around a therapy. His language stands out, direct and without complexes. Carlota Sayos e Inma Olmos, writers and creators, reveal the keys to their success.
DollsToday begins the second season of Dolls. We anticipate that the new chapters will predominate love and passion, You will find diverse stories of very intense relationships with a good dose of humor. The second season of 6 episodes of about 30 minutes, you can see them every Monday on the channel Flooxer, online video platform of Atresmedia.
We continue in group therapy with Makiel, Sandra and two new additions that will give a lot of play. Laura and Carla They will bring new follies, stories and emotions to the group.  Eva, the unorthodox therapist, leads the group in their own way and a personal style.
DollsThe characters continue to expose their affective-sexual conflicts and project in other new characters their blockades at the same time as the solution is reflected, all happening through limit situations that allow change to take place.
Makiel and Eva they have left it and both begin a new relationship that breaks every convention. However neither of them has overcome the rupture and they will be continuously searched. Sandra She is at her center and has fallen in love with herself, so much so that she attracts the woman in her life, but that new woman will have to come out of the closet first. We will also find a girl who works in a women-only whorehouse and who will have a relationship with a heterocurious woman full of mazes.
DollsDirector: Carlota Sayos
Special collaboration of Natalia Verbeke and María Esteve. 
Actresses: Laia Alemany, Wanda Obreke, Inma Olmos, Mabel del Pozo, Virginia Rodríguez, Ángel Acero, Guadalupe Lancho, Anita del Rey, Patricia Jordá, Cayetana Cabezas, Patricia Garo, Cayetana Cabezas, Miguel Ángel Jimenez. 



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