Trans woman humiliated by a police officer leaves Benidorm after receiving threats

Trans woman humiliated by a police officer leaves Benidorm after receiving threats Trans woman humiliated by a police officer leaves Benidorm after receiving threats

The victim leaves Benidorm along with her roommates after receiving threats and coercion

GAYLES.TV.- The woman victim of humiliation by two officers of the Benidorm Local Police He has had to leave the town due to threats and coercion, as denounced by the Valencian Observatory Against LGTBIphobia. Following the massive dissemination of the video, the victim along with his two roommates have been transferred by the organization «to a safe place" as "they were fearing for their physical integrity«.

«She is very scared«, They point from the Observatory. "They have insulted them, spit on them and made threats of all kinds«, They add. «One of them explained to us that they are afraid of the local police.«, As reported by the newspaper Public.

The events occurred last week in Benidorm when two policemen from inside a patrol car rebuked the trans woman. «By day you are even uglier, you are horrible. What are you doing now that you can't pull cocks or steal? How do you live? If you would pull few cocks before, with how ugly you are, now what do you do?»Asks the copilot while the police driver records with the phone. The agent adds: «I told you the other day that you couldn't be here and I didn't denounce you«, While his partner who is recording the scene says:«No, no, we must denounce him«. «Go pig«, Blurts out the local policeman before stopping the recording.

They shared the video in a WhatsApp group with other agents

From this entity they seek, and have requested it to the Prosecution, to clarify the reasons that led the agent who witnessed the reported events to make the video recording and subsequent dissemination in a group of Whatsapp where there were other agents «that they did not denounce«, They warn. «These facts cannot go unpunished and we will take all the necessary actions so that all responsibilities are cleared. We cannot end without pointing out that, after all, our partner has been a fortunate«, They continue.

The local policeman who appears in an insulting video has been arrested for an alleged hate crime and has spent the night in jail. On Saturday he was provisionally released on charges of the Investigating Court number 4 of Benidorm. The agent who recorded the events has been released although charged with a crime of omission of relief.



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