Three sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria for homosexuality

Three gay men sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria Three sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria for homosexuality

 Will the government of Spain condemn this death sentence by stoning in Nigeria, against the human rights of LGTBI people? Or will we do nothing?

Three men were sentenced to death by stoning by an Islamic court in the Nigerian state of Bauchi, after being accused of homosexuality in a country where the law still persecutes this group.

After listening to several witnesses and after the confession of the accused -who did not have legal representation during the trial-, the magistrate decided to impose that sentence on the three men, aged 20, 30 and 70 respectively.

Relations with people of the same sex carry a sentence of up to 14 years in prison, according to Nigerian law, but there are 12 states in the north of the country and a Muslim majority that, in parallel, judge crimes such as adultery or blasphemy in application of the sharia (Islamic law).

One month to appeal

The case dates back to June 14, when the religious police that watches over compliance with the sharia, called Hisbah, arrested and brought the three men to justice, accusing them of practicing homosexuality in the village of Compare, in the town of none.

The decision was made known in June and those convicted have a month to file an appeal. In addition, any sharia death penalty requires the approval of the state governor, who has not commented, the news agency adds.

"Call to violence«

Three gay men sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeriaorganization for rights LGBTIQ+ Equality Triangle He has stated that this sentence could be the spark that ignites homophobic violence in the country and paves the way for more similar sentences. «It opens the door to more draconian lawsuits against LGTBIQ+ people. It's a call to violence«, has stated william rashidi, member of the NGO.

Equal marriage prohibited since 2014

Nigeria It is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. Homosexuality is considered a crime that carries prison sentences of up to 14 years, while it can carry the death penalty for stoning in some areas of the north of the country where sharia is applied, although in practice the condemned usually end up suffering flogging.

Furthermore, the gay marriage it is explicitly prohibited since 2014.

Some of the laws that criminalize homosexual people -men and women- were inherited from British colonial rule, and hardened with later regulations.

One of the most serious cases in recent years was the prosecution of 47 people arrested at a party in 2018, although the case was ultimately dismissed in 2020.

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Three gay men sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria


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