Roberta Marrero, artist, writer and LGTBIQ+ reference, dies

Roberta Marrero dies Roberta Marrero, artist, writer and LGTBIQ+ reference, dies

Roberta Marrero leaves a farewell note: “I love you all”

Roberta Marrero, multidisciplinary artist who gave voice and images to the movement LGTBIQ + in Spain, he left us 52 years en Madrid, as reported by the publisher Continue You Got Me on their social networks. «Without words but with the need to tell you, from our maximum respect and love, and above all, from our pain, that Roberta Marrero has decided to leave«said the statement they made public.

Born in the Palmas of Gran Canaria on March 2, 1972, Marrero She has been well known for her impressive collages, where she mixes pop art, religious imagery, Hollywood stars or her own biography. She was the author of works such as Dictators, The Green Baby or We can be heroes. Although she worked throughout her career as a writer, poet, DJ and actress, Marrero He stood out in graphic art. His images drew from comics, surrealist artists and the occult.

He had just published his second collection of poems. Right to appointment where it throws the reader into the center of desire. In the words of Inés Plasencia, author of the epilogue: «Can you imagine a room with Pizarnik, Lemebel, Santa Teresa de Jesús, Marrero, Crisp, Sexton…All on velvet sofas listening to Lana Del Rey. […] Here is a corpse that will not be ashes; here are the bodies of the most rabid party in the world. The sister of Nan Goldin. Here is the slave of any lord«.

total artist

Roberta Marrero diesIn 2022 the Canary Islands Government he dedicated the Writers' Day in recognition of the work and literary quality of an author whose work tells of freedom and solidarity within the community LGTBIQ +. Then he indicated that trans people "We have always had a voice among ourselves, the new thing is that now we have the loudspeaker«. «I hope things are easier now, but in Spain we still have to work on many things, we have to accept that that happened and that it was important«the creator stressed, to highlight that among her short-term projects was simply to survive.

Marrero, whose plastic work was part of exhibitions such as «David Bowie Is" in the museum Victoria & Albert de London Y "Piaf", in the National Library of Paris, assured then that he hated the word "visibility" a little, to point out that it was rather "to open boxes«, and giving a voice to the trans community was still recent.

Right to Appointment has been her last published book, within a corpus in which she has created and exhibited many original works and has been a total artist, indefinable only by one of her facets. “here is my corpse", says the epigraph of the collection of poems, which now remains as a testament and farewell, mandatory reading, for all those who admired her and also for those who did not know her.

"If you find me dead 
cover me with flowers, 
put a diamond in my mouth, 
put a gold actress on my tits. 
Take a photo of my corpse 
and put it in a silver frame, 
Light a candle in my memory. 
Tonight in this world 
I will put on makeup and comb my hair carefully".

"Here they are sadder and more boring, but in the limbo of poets a new superstar is already shining", He has written Inés Plasencia when announcing his farewell.

Roberta Marrero dies

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