Actress and trans activist Laura Frenchkiss dies

Actress and trans activist Laura Frenchkiss dies Actress and trans activist Laura Frenchkiss dies

The actress, an LGTBIQ + icon since the 70s, played Rocío in the series about Cristina Ortiz 'La Veneno'

Laura Garcia Soroa, better known as Laura frenchkiss, passed away yesterday at 66 years old in Torremolinos. One of the most beloved and recognized actresses of the series «Veneno»He vanished in the middle of the street, without the medical services being able to do anything to save his life. In the absence of knowing the details of the autopsy, everything indicates that he died as a result of a heart attack.

The actress had been working, like every night, in the living room Parthenon from the town and was returning home when he suffered the unfortunate mishap. After falling in the street, some people who were in the vicinity took her to a medical center, but she had already died.

The news of the death has been made public, on Sunday, Sum Content, the new production company created by the Javis, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, through your official account of Instagram.

«The most fun, hard-working and good«, Has remembered Xavier AmbrossYo. «A wonderful artist and companion«, Has pointed Javier Calvo. A farewell to which he has also joined Daniela santiago with a "rest in peace, darling«. Many of his fellow filmmakers have echoed the news and shared their condolences on social media for the loss.

In reference to her activism, they recall that she became a transsexual in the 70 years, in very difficult moments where they only had the option of working in the world of the night or in prostitution, in fact in the 90s he practiced prostitution together with The poison in the park of West of Madrid.

frenchkiss enjoyed great popularity in Torremolinos, where the actress worked as a vedette. It was considered an icon LGTB because its first performances took place in the last period of the Franco regime, at the beginning of the 70s.


Actress and trans activist Laura Frenchkiss dies


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