What Itziar taught us

What Itziar taught us What Itziar taught us

Itziar Castro's brother: “We must continue his fight”

Yesterday it took place in Pallejà (Barcelona) the wake of the actress Itziar Castro, who died early last Friday at the age of 46. Her mother, Lucia Rivadulla, dressed in red: “"I don't come in black, I come in red, because Itziar was red, red with light, red with life.". Manuel Castro, one of her brothers has remembered her as ““a revolutionary” who fought hard and has assured that “"We must continue their fight.". He has also made reference to the letter from the Royal Family: “It is a great medal in the fight because a republican and lesbian in the Royal House, where has that been seen!”.

Itziar Castro He died in the early hours of December 8 as a result of cardiorespiratory arrest while attending the light tests for a synchronized swimming show that he was preparing. The actress stood out in series such as Vis a vis or movies like Champions o Skins. She was a multifaceted artist in film, theater and television and an activist against fatphobia, defense of the LGTBI collective and women's equality.

Journalist Cristina Fallaràs has highlighted: “There are people who remain because their lives have changed the way we inhabit the world.”. He has also recalled that Castro managed to change the way women see his body. The lawyer Carla Vall has insisted on the role of the actress as a great activist and great feminist, while the actress Maria Botto has valued his “activism and generosity. Throughout Sunday, dozens of family members and neighbors have wanted to say their last goodbye to the actress.

A much needed actress

What Itziar taught us
What Itziar taught us

Eduardo casanova He also wanted to remember her in an article in the newspaper El Mundo where his determination and visibility stands out: “Yes. That is the first word that would come out of Itziar Castro's mouth if you proposed something to him. Yes to me, and yes to almost everything. (…) It seems like a joke that Itziar Castro found it difficult to make himself visible, but that was his harsh reality. Like the character he played in Skins, he said: “People don't like to see people like me.” She made sure, with successes and mistakes, that we saw her, that she exposed herself, even overexposed herself so that we would understand that her presence was completely necessary. Because unfortunately, there are very few visible actresses like her and now, after this tragedy, she will not be around to show those of us who try to comply with the cruel canons of the system that actresses like Itziar Castro “They are completely necessary in our life and in our industry”.

"They insult me ​​for existing"

And is that Meredith She was a fighter. She had learned from a young age to defend herself. She told it to her action wife Cristina You will fail in an article in Public through an anecdote that demonstrates his character: “Then one day, recently, you scolded me for intervening in the tough argument between you and an unfortunate man. He had insulted you in a cruel way (…) Until you got up and faced him. When things seemed like they were going to get worse, that they were going to touch you, I got up and joined you. You pushed me away very seriously. “No, don't ever help me, don't do it again, because I don't need your help.", you explained to me after shooing him away. “I have a lot of strength and also training. Hell, I can send that guy to the ground 20 meters away. If you help me, you make me lesser, you diminish me. I do not need help«. Then, looking at my teenager, you added: “They insult me ​​a lot, they always insult me ​​everywhere. "They insult me ​​for existing".

Itziar always defended the LGTBIQ+ collective

Meredith He defended his ideas tooth and nail. She was always available for any feminist initiative or that defended the group. LGTBIQ +. He sometimes paid a high price for it, but he knew full well that it was worth it. He was brave and never hid from anything. Meredith He went with his heart first, the title of his poetry book that he told us about on GAYLES.TV. 

He was a free person, and he spread that freedom to those around him. He had just presented one of his most personal projects: the short film ““L@ appointment”, a romantic comedy that she claimed ““Based on almost real events”. The short film was planned based on experiences that Castro had had when it came to meeting potential partners, mediated by his growing fame. “L@ appointment» found one's own Castro playing herself, and throughout the short faces appeared like those of Rocio Saiz o Carla Antonelli. Castro took over directing, producing and writing, and soon ““L@ appointment” received a badge from ICAA as "recommended for the promotion of gender equality”, thanks to the theme LGTBIQ + and the appearance of actresses with non-normative physiques.

We say goodbye to her with a memory of her in her purest form, defending freedom of creation and against any censorship:



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