Carmen de Mairena dies

Carmen de Mairena dies Carmen de Mairena dies

Carmen de Mairena, LGTB + icon, has died at the age of 87

GAYLES.TV.- «I'm a bitch but my pussy enjoys it«. So read one of his star phrases that he did not hesitate to repeat in his television appearances. It was the nineties and Carmen de Mairena became an icon of geekism at the hands of Javier Cardenas, Alfonso Arus and subsequently Javier Sarda. His obscene gestures and provocative comments made him brutally popular. Perhaps that is why it will be remembered by the general public. But of course his life was not so flat as to be just a stereotype.

Carmen de Mairena diesBorn in Barcelona in 1933 and until the XNUMXs he used the stage name of Miguel de Mairena. After participating as an extra in some films, he debuted as a couplet singer in 1956 in the hall Both worlds, to act later in places like New Coffee, Copacabana, Apolo Winery o Cyrus. He was a character in the Barcelona scoundrel and «underground»From the 60s and 70s. She was arrested by the Francoist police for maintaining homosexual relations and the Law of Vagrants and Crooks. He suffered mistreatment in prison, causing sequels that prevented him from working in show business for some time.

«I am perfect, I have a penis and I have a tit«

During the transition, she began her transit and underwent liquid silicone injections. She became one of the most popular transformistas in the country. In 2006 and 2008, she was arrested by the police accused of promoting prostitution for renting rooms in her house in the neighborhood of Raval for prostitutes to practice there. In early 2016, his mobility problems forced him to use a wheelchair to get around and he entered a nursing home near his home.

Carmen de Mairena He bet on being free and direct when the price to pay was too high. She was one of the pioneering transformistas in Spain and an icon LGTB +. We will miss his witty couplets and his impudence.


Carmen de Mairena dies

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