Antonio Gala dies at the age of 92

Antonio Gala dies at the age of 92 Antonio Gala dies at the age of 92

Antonio Gala in his own words: "I have never lived in a closet, I have always had dressing rooms"

Playwright, novelist, poet and essayist Anthony Gala He passed away this Sunday at the age of 92. The family itself has been in charge of giving the bad news through a statement, in which they have also reported that the funeral chapel will be installed in the assembly hall of the Antonio Gala Foundation and will remain open from 10.00:17.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. this Monday.

wrote a lot about him love, and on some occasions he spoke of homosexuality. In 2001 she said "Real love has to transgress, it cannot be something everyday that does not know how to submit to changes in lighting«. In 1980 she answered the question «You're homosexual? No. People are not homosexual, or should not be homosexual. It is something that is exercised, not that it is. I exercise homosexuality at a certain moment, nothing more«. Two years later, in 1982, he said »Ando I am not homosexual, even though I have had homosexual relations«.

Already in 2003 he stated: «I've never lived in a closet, I've always had walk-in closets, but it must be terrible. What I don't like is the Gay Pride thing. I agree with what they say, but if a guy says that dressed in Hawaiian, he loses credibility«.

All these statements must be interpreted within a context and a time.

Cordovan by adoption

Born in Braces (Ciudad Real) on October 2, 1936, Guardian Angel Gala y Velasco it was always considered adoption cordovan having lived a large part of his life in this Andalusian city, which also had a great weight in his work and where the foundation that bears his name is located.

A precocious writer, at the age of five he wrote a short story and at seven his first play. At 14 he gave a lecture at the Círculo de la Amistad in Córdoba. In 1951, at the age of 15, he entered the Sevilla University in Law, and enrolled in Madrid for two other careers: Philosophy and Letters and Political and Economic Sciences

Antonio Gala dies at the age of 92

It is during his university days when he publishes his first poems in the publications Escorial, Platero and Canticle. The experience pleases him so much that he ends up founding two magazines: Cistern and Archer of poetry, with Gloria Fuertes and Julio Mariscal Montes.


His poetic work begins with Intimate enemy (1959), which is recognized with the Adonais Prize for Poetry. This recognition and his passion for letters encouraged him to continue with Sonnets of the Zubia (1981), Cordoba poems (1994), Love poems (1997) Andalusian testament (1998) and The soulless Tobias poem (2005), which the author himself considered his «literary testament«.


Another of the cities in which he lived was Florence, where he directed the gallery la borghese for a year. On his return to Spain, began his fruitful theatrical career with The green fields of Eden (1963), which was National Theater Award Calderón de la Barca, which was followed the good days lost, who won the National Literature Prize 1972, Rings for a lady (1973), whatWhy are you running, Ulysses? (1975) Petra Regalada (1980) Samarkand (1985) Carmen, Carmen (1988) and the rogue (1992)


At 1990 he published his first novel, The crimson manuscript, with which he won the Planet. After her, they came Turkish pasion (1993) and More all garden (1995), both brought to the big screen; The rule of three (1996); The outskirts of God (1999); The pedestal of the statues (2007) o the water papers (2009)

Gala will also be remembered as a great columnist

He also wrote scripts for television and series and was a prolific columnist. In fact, some of his texts were collected in books, such as My talks with Troylo (1981)-PCésar González Ruano Award for Journalism-, Autumn Lady's Notebook (1985); either the embrasure, column title The World since 1992.

Honorary member in the Royal Academy of Córdoba of Sciences and of Fine Letters and Noble Arts (2008), has the Critics Award, the Golden Quixote 1972-73, the 1973 National Screenplay Award, the 1976 Audiovisual Media Award, the 1989 Andalusian Literature Award, the 2001 Max of Honor and the Journalism Award from the Association for Human Rights, among others.

Antonio Gala dies at the age of 92

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