MrBeast defends his friend Chris Tyson after defining himself as non-binary

MrBeast defends his friend Chris Tyson after defining himself as non-binary MrBeast defends his friend Chris Tyson after defining himself as non-binary

The transition of one of the collaborators of the youtuber MrBeast has created a wave of transphobic comments

MrBeast is youtuber more followed by the internet, has defended his friend chris tyson of the attacks of Transphobia that he has suffered after defining himself as non-binary. On April 6, the collaborator of MrBeast explained in Twitter who has been on hormone replacement therapy for two months and who defined himself as non binary.

The messages transphobes were not long in coming, especially after many discovered that Chris had been married and had a young son. Since then, the discourse that trans people are dangerous for children has not stopped being repeated in a country where the anti-trans law.

MrBeast:  "All your transphobia is making me sick"

 "This is getting more and more absurd", wrote MrBeast:  "Chris is not a 'nightmare', he is my friend and everything is perfect”.  "All your transphobia is making me sick", has concluded, trying with his words to make the haters stop and reflect on the nonsense they have written in recent days on the internet.

Moreover, Chris He has continued to defend himself on his account Twitter where he has assured that he will not allow statements such as  "He has abandoned his son." “He is my only priority and I am doing it for him. If this confuses you, educate yourselves. If he angers you, go away ”, has said.

Despite the criticism, there have been many signs of support that he has received chris tyson. El Rubius, who made his bisexuality public some time ago, has also wanted to manifest publicly:  "There are people who are throwing shit at Chris (from the MrBeast videos) for going trans. What the hell is wrong with people getting so upset about what someone else does with their fucking life? Live and let live".

Tyson He has been part of the team for a long time. MrBeast. In addition to being featured helping out on some of the funniest posts, he is also the host of his own channel, Beast Reacts, where he comments on videos of YouTube with MrBeast.

He has not hesitated to recall that the  "rights of trans people are human rights” on their social networks and declare over and over again that their presence is not a risk to young children.

 "Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies.", has asked, remembering that it is  "a great father." of a little boy who is delighted that he is  "better and happier."

Sources: 20minutos

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