Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico get married in secret

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico get married in secret

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico 2020 announce by surprise that they have married

Argentina mariana varela, 26, and the Puerto Rican Fabiola Valentine, 22, represented their countries in 2020 at the beauty pageant Miss Grand International, which was held in April 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

It is not known if it was in the Thai capital where they met, but since then they had shown a lot of complicity between them, uploading some photos together on trips or on the beach, although no one had considered that they could have started a relationship together.

Hence, the announcement they have made on their social networks has been so surprising: they have married. They have done it by going through the civil registry in San Juan Puerto Rico and telling the happy news to his followers. “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day. 28/10/22”, the two have written in a joint publication in Instagram in which they have revealed when their wedding day was.

Curiously, the beauty pageant held in Bangkok, in which, out of 65 competitors, both were positioned within the 10 finalists. The American model would finally win the event, which ended in March 2021 Abena Appiahremaining Mariana in sixth place and Fabiola in the eighth.

The post has received numerous positive comments, including congratulations from Akuaba Sand, the first black woman to win the crown of Miss Grand International, Y de Alyssa Hunter, participant of RuPaul's Drag Race, in addition to many of her other contestants.

"Thanks for all the love!", wrote Varela in response to well wishes. “We are very happy and blessed.".

Sources: El PeriodicoNavarre News

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