What is the sexual market of Foals and Mares?

The sexual market of foals and mares arrives in Spain What is the sexual market of Foals and Mares?

The Mercado de las Yeguas, the wildest sex party in Berlin, breaks into Spain

The Mare Market, also known as Foals and Mares, has found its audience in the Spanish gay community. Are medieval orgies with studs and blind mounts are consolidating their presence in cities like Barcelona. "The format is basically a role-based experience: dominant/sub or stallion/mare. Versatility is not possible in this format, you must choose a role to sign up for.”

The fact that sets it apart from other group sex events is that the mares wear Hood. They don't know who rides them. Have blind sex with the men who want to ride them. «Participation in the meeting implies acceptance of its rules. One of them is that mares cannot refuse a mount, although they can terminate it at any time.«, explain the promoters, who belong to the association Group Sex Barcelona.

The masked men, blinded from all vision, are exposed as if from a medieval cattle fair it was treated Stallions look at their targets, review them, and choose whether or not to engage with them. It is a party of lust with two differentiated roles in which everyone participates of their own free will. «The format revolves around the morbidity of domination/submission recreating a mares market, where they are exhibited and made available to the stallions for riding.", tell the organizers.


The sexual market of foals and mares arrives in SpainAfter each sexual relationship, the two parties go to the organizers to rate their experience. The two men "will report to stable boy your assessment of the mount» after each contact. The stable boys will also score the stallions and their riding based on their observations. At the end of the evening, those who have best given and those who have received the best will be chosen. There will be a winning foal and the most compliant mare.

El Mares Market it is an exaltation of homosexual masculine eroticism that does not renounce the primary, the instinctive. Its laws are those of sadomasochism: possess or be possessed, dominate or submit, impose one's own will or cancel it completely. Attendees have an average age of around 40 years.

What about STDs?

To prevent sexually transmitted diseases, from Group Sex emphasize that for the HIV participants have "effective tools such as condoms or PreP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, the HIV preventive pill)”. Likewise, the members of this platform come every three months to undergo a complete analysis of this type of ailments.

The color of the hoods specifies whether or not they want to use a condom: «mares with a white coat are ridden with a condom and mares with a black coat are ridden without a condom«. If a mare wants to, she will only have protected sex. But if you don't want to, if you want what is popularly known as bareback sex, you can do it too.

This practice born in Berlin and exported to other European cities such as amsterdam or london He has reached Barcelona. In the first edition held last spring, there were 80 demands. Half were to be a stallion and the other half, to be a mare and have blind relationships. All very binary, wow...

The sexual market of foals and mares arrives in Spain



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