Twins born to a gay couple with genes from both parents in Brazil

Twins born to a gay couple with genes from both parents in Brazil Twins born to a gay couple with genes from both parents in Brazil

Twins who share DNA from two parents: the semen is from one of their parents, the egg is from the aunt and they were gestated by the cousin

The first twins of a gay couple are born in Brazil, generated with the genetic material of both parents. The dream of Gustavo Catunda y Robert Rossello of building a family became a reality after a change in the resolution of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), which allows the use of eggs from relatives up to the fourth degree

Marc y Maya They came into the world this Wednesday through a family odyssey: Gustavo's semen, Robert's aunt's egg and Lorenna Resende's pregnancy, Robert Rosselló's cousin. Maya He was born first, at 11:08 am, measuring 45 cm and weighing 2,3 kg. Two minutes later, at 11:10 a.m., Marc came into the world with 44,5 cm and 2,3 kg. Her parents have been a couple for 10 years.

«Today was without a doubt the longest and most exciting day of our lives. The feeling is impossible to describe. No, we never felt anything like what we had today! Our love as a couple, which was already the greatest in the world, has now acquired immeasurable proportions. The love of a family that was formed today. Our greatest legacy!«, they wrote Gustavo y Robert in social networks.

Combination of genetic material

Ever since they decided they wanted to be parents, the couple had dreamed of using the combination of their genetic material. However, in 2015 they discovered that they would not be able to use the egg from the sister of Gustavo due to the laws of Brazil at that moment. The planned legislation only allowed the donation of genetic material to be made anonymously, without knowing the biological origin of the donor.

But in June 2021, the CFM updated the criteria for assisted reproduction techniques in Brazil. According to the new norm, the temporary cession of the uterus is feasible through the use of assisted reproduction techniques, and the surrogate mother must belong to the family of one of the members of the couple in a degree of consanguineous kinship up to the fourth degree. In addition to this link, the transferor must have at least one living child.

thanks to this change Gustavo y Robert They have become the first gay couple Brazil who has children with the gene of the two families.

In social networks, the gynecologist who accompanied the couple has already lorraine published that the arrival of the twins represents a milestone for the community LGBTIQ +: "Without a doubt, a milestone in the history of assisted reproduction in Brazil and a victory also for the community. LGBTIQ +«.

Twins born to a gay couple with genes from both parents in Brazil

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