A female baseball player comes out as a lesbian at the age of 95

A female baseball player comes out as a lesbian at the age of 95 A female baseball player comes out as a lesbian at the age of 95

Maybelle Blair, one of the inspirations behind the iconic baseball movie "A League of Their Own," has publicly come out at age 95

Baseball legend and inspiration for «A league of their own» Maybelle Blair comes out as gay at 95. Hooter She was one of the original players of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), a women's professional baseball league that existed between 1943 and 1954. The league represents a unique aspect of American baseball history. United States and was a precursor to women's professional baseball.

Hooter, who was a pitcher for Peoria Red Wings of the AAGPBL, declared herself a lesbian "basically for the first time” during a talk to present a new series of Amazon Prime based on the baseball league that will be released on August 12.

"I hid for 75 or 85 years"

The AAGPBL legend expressed his happiness that young players no longer have to hide their sexuality and can live as themselves while playing the sport they love. “I think it's a great opportunity for these young female baseball players to realize that they are not alone and that they don't have to hide.", He said. "I hid for 75 or 85 years, and this is basically the first time I've come out".

From the twitter account of «A league of their own» They have shared the video where the player comes out of the closet for the first time with words of admiration and pride: «For most of her life, 95-year-old All-American Girls Professional Baseball League sports legend Maybelle Blair felt she had to hide her true self. Today she came out publicly for the first time. We couldn't be happier for her and continue to push for love and acceptance of her on and off the field.«.

lack of referents

Hooter He added that he thought it was the "unique in the world"and thought there was something"times» in it because it was «love» from a girl in high school. “We had some kind of little thing, you know how you do", He said. "I was with a girl. It was very bad because in our days you would not dare to tell your family or insinuate to anyone…"

La AAGPBL also served as inspiration for the 1992 movie «A league of their own«, Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Lori Petty and Rosie O'Donnell.

A League of Their Own is a fictional account of the formation of the AAGPBL as a way to keep baseball in the public eye after the SSecond World War. During the war efforts, many professional male players were drafted into the war, essentially shutting down Major League Baseball.

More than 600 women played in the AAGPBL, which eventually consisted of 10 professional baseball teams throughout the Midwest from United States. In 1948, spectator attendance at league matches peaked at over 910.000, according to the website of the AAGPBL.

A female baseball player comes out as a lesbian at the age of 95

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