Masks against LGTBIphobia (and coronavirus)

Gay couple from Poland hands out rainbow masks to combat both homophobia and coronavirus Masks against LGTBIphobia (and coronavirus)

A Polish gay couple hands out face masks with the LGTB + flag to combat both LGTBIphobia and the coronavirus

GAYLES.TV.- Unfortunately, the pandemic of COVID-19 it is not the only one that affects us. To also fight the pandemic of the LGBTophobia a gay couple has distributed hundreds of masks in Poland. Jacob she borrowed her grandmother's sewing machine and made 300 masks. Along with her boyfriend David decided to distribute them to the Polish cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot found on the coast of the Gdansk bay, by the sea Baltic.

Gay couple from Poland hands out rainbow masks to combat both homophobia and coronavirusAfter this initiative there is an act of denunciation; «many Polish people consider that people LGTB + we are a plague, so we thought that if we helped the rest to overcome a real disease, they could change their minds»They explain in the video that they have posted on Youtube. Due to the pandemic, basic protection measures are scarce and masks have become a highly sought after product in Poland.

Jacob says that "many have been created in our country LGTB + free zones, so we were a little scared about how people would react, but our idea really touched them. I think they really appreciated that someone cared about their health. It was great to see that the colors of the rainbow were not scary, but will help them stay safe.".

The video they recorded during this action has gone viral and has been played more than two million times only in Facebook.

Source: Pink News, Shangay

Photography: PinkNews


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