Massacre in an LGTBI club in Bratislava

Massacre in an LGTBI club in Bratislava Massacre in an LGTBI club in Bratislava

Two dead and one seriously injured in an LGTBI club in Bratislava at the hands of a young neo-Nazi, who later committed suicide

At least two people have died and a third has been injured in a homophobic attack this Wednesday against a LGBT club in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Two of the victims were in front of a pub, whose owners have described it as a bar "close to the gay community in the center of Bratislava".

A 19-year-old man, identified as Juraj K., carried out the shooting and, after confessing to the crime, committed suicide this Thursday in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, as reported by the Police. Previously, the young man had published through social networks various messages including homophobic and neo-Nazi hate speech.

Who is the alleged attacker?

According to the Slovak media, the murderer radicalized himself by consulting websites of the American far right and pages edited by influencers spreading hate.

In a kind of "ideological manifesto” of more than 60 pages, written in the days before the shooting, Juraj K. talk about "Controllers” of the world and how they should be combated, with particular reference to Jews. His thesis was that the only way to end their domain was to kill them and therefore he claims the legitimacy of the holocaust.

Massacre in an LGTBI club in BratislavaAt "manifest” there is no shortage of explicit praise for Brenton Tarrant, author of the massacre in the mosque of the New Zealand city of Christchurch in which 51 people died in March 2019. Juraj K. broadcast the video of the attack in its entirety and would have been inspired by that episode to commit yesterday's double murder.

Not only that: still in the document discovered by the police after his death, Juraj K. announces the massacre, stating that it would focus on “high value targets”, and that its purpose would be to affirm the values ​​of the “white race resisting” the system until its complete destruction.

It is in this cultural humus - made up of white supremacy, anti-Semitism, fascism and homophobia - that Juraj K. would have matured the decision to commit an extreme act with a high symbolic value: killing the clients of a gay club in the center of Bratislava using a gun belonging to his father, also a right-wing extremist.

The killer announced the attack on Twitter.

A few hours after the attack, Juraj K. claimed his crazy gesture in Twitter and in the discussion forum 4chan. This is where she also responded to some users' posts, confirming his identity and taking a photo with a shoe on her head. A follower of his, in fact, had asked him shortly before that he portrayed himself in this way if it was really him who committed the double murder in the bar. teplaren.

around midnight, Juraj K. published two texts on his account Twitter announcing his intention to commit suicide. “see you in the afterlife", wrote. For a while he continued to interact with his followers, then all communication with the young man was cut off. This morning, the police found his body near the central station of Bratislava.

Political reactions to the homophobic attack in Bratislava

Later, the Slovak president, Zuzan Caputova, has traveled to the premises, where he has deposited a bouquet of flowers in honor of the deceased and has also shown his condolences to the pub owner. Both have given each other a hug and have been visibly affected, even crying.

"Hate crimes are not just an attack on some community, a minority. Hate crimes are directed at all of us, because they are directed at the basic values ​​of our society, towards humanity.", has said Caputova.

Thus, in his message of support to the community LGBTI, Caputova has called the judicial authorities to start the pertinent investigations so that “overcome hate and evil together". "Hate and intolerance have no place Slovakia”, has settled.

The Slovak Prime Minister, Edward Heger, has condemned the attack and has asked “the end of hate in society”. Regarding the possibility of fearing for his own life, he has guaranteed that “doesn't care". "I know we're living hard times", has said.

For its part, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der LeyenHe has sent his condolences to the families of the victims of the shooting. “These terrible murders are a threat to societies built on respect and tolerance. The EU is committed to helping fight hate crime in all its forms”, he asserted in a message from Twitter in which he has urged “protect the LGBTI community".

Massacre in an LGTBI club in Bratislava


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