Marilyn Monroe was bisexual

Marilyn Monroe was bisexual Marilyn Monroe was bisexual

The book "Marilyn Monroe: My little secret told by Jane Lawrence”, by Terry Jerris, reveals unknown sexual details of the actress

Norma jeane mortenson, the real name of Marilyn Monroe, has gone down in history for his artistic legacy, but also for many aspects of his private life. Standard He grew up in foster homes, in some of which it is believed that he may have suffered abuse of some kind. She was working in a factory when a photographer discovered her photogenicity and his potential as a model. The rest is history.

But what about your sexual orientation? because it is known Marilyn Monroe for her affairs with powerful and very famous men. She was married three times (with James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller). She had affairs with Elia Kazan, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra or John F. Kennedy. However, despite this straight resume, a recent biography of the actress has revealed that the most famous blonde in the world also liked girls. come out of the closet in Hollywood gold was not an option.

The book "Marilyn Monroe: My little secret told by Jane Lawrence”, from the New York writer Terry Jerris, reveals unknown sexual details of the diva who rebelled against the typical taboos of the patriarchy of that time. According to the biography of Terry Jerry's, the diva of the 50s was bisexual and had relationships with several of the actresses of her time.

Marilyn Monroe's female lovers

In the book, the author assures that Monroe came to have lesbian encounters with various women throughout his life, including celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor Joan Crawford. Apparently, they were also involved Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Greta Garbor Jacqueline Kennedy.

According to Jerris, there were dozens of women who passed through the bed of Monroe. One of those who dared to speak was her coach staff, Natasha Lytess whom the diva fired in 1954.”The truth is that my life and my feelings were in his hands. I was the oldest, the teacher, but she knew the depth of my attachment and she exploited those feelings as only a beautiful and young person can.”, He confessed.

The own Brigitte Bardot has confessed that Marilyn he seduced her once.

jane lawrence

Marilyn Monroe was bisexualWhen did you meet, Lawrence She was only 16 years old and was a faithful follower of the actress. In fact, she ran her fan club, which led her to meet her on one occasion. She then confessed to him that she felt something more than “a closeness to use by women”, and that his homosexuality tortured him. Monroe assured him that she felt the same and that “love is love, nothing else matters”. According to reports Lawrence, the spark arose between them.

In an interview, Jane talked about the first time they had sex: “I remember our first meeting like a dream. My heart started beating wildly as he brushed against my thighs, and then he came up to my lips and gave me a long kiss.".

"Marilyn he was a free spirit, an open and cheerful person without social prejudices who had no fear about his sexuality", he claimed Lawrence, adding that her relationship with the actress changed her forever.

The relationship broke down, but they maintained a friendship that lasted until the death of Marilyn. In fact, shortly before his death, Jane invited her to spend a few days with her in Coronado (San Diego), worried about his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Monroe turned down the offer, and a week later her death was announced.

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe was bisexualThe press of the time invented a rivalry between the two icons of the moment, but Marilyn and Elizabeth they never got along badly. In fact, the photographer MonroeLawrence Schiller, he assured in his book «Marilyn & Me» that the actress felt great admiration for her contemporary.

It was rumored that their relationship was more than just admiration. The two met at a concert Frank Sinatra in the Sands Hotel Las Vegas and, apparently, they were engrossed in each other.

According to Daily MailElizabeth Taylor wrote in his personal diary about his meeting with Marilyn: “Su touch was electric. She wanted to see how far that bitch could go, but she had to do all the work.".

Joan Crawford

Marilyn Monroe was bisexualThe press also pointed to Marilyn and actress Joan Crawford as rivals, but in reality the opposite happened.

Joan Crawford belonged to the so-calledsewing circle”, a group of homosexual and bisexual women from Hollywood. In this circle, the women met under the pretext of embroidering, but it was a mere excuse to get to know each other. The name of the 'club' was invented by the Russian actress Alla Nazimova, Lover of Dorothy Wilde (writer's niece).

There, Crawford he met Marilyn Monroe, with whom he had a totally casual relationship.

According to National Enquirer, Monroe he told his psychologist Ralph Greenson his encounters with Crawford. On one occasion, she told him: “We went to Joan's room. She had a massive orgasm and screamed like a maniac. The next time I found her, she wanted another round, but I turned her down.".

When Monroe rejected Joan, this actress harbored a resentment towards him that did not abate for the rest of Joan's life. Marilyn.

Natasha Lyttes

Marilyn Monroe was bisexuallyttes She was an acting teacher Marilyn Monroe. They met in 1948, when the artist signed a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures, with whom he also worked lyttes Produced by "Ladies of the Chorus«, film in which he starred Monroe.

Marilyn and Natasha they lived together in West Hollywood, supposedly for the actress to prepare for her role in the film «Don't Bother to Knock«. Marilyn gave her mentor a fur coat and a car, and tied her to the payroll of 20th Century Fox.

However, the diva fired Natasha in 1954. She later confessed that her life and her feelings were in the hands of Marilyn. "Yor she was the oldest, the teacher, but she knew the depth of my attachment and exploited those feelings as only a beautiful and young person can"He assured.




Marilyn Monroe was bisexual

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