"Lost Fagot": Bob Pop's series inspired by his own life

"Lost Fagot": Bob Pop's series inspired by his own life "Lost Fagot": Bob Pop's series inspired by his own life

The series based on the life of Bob Pop will premiere in 2021 on TNT

GAYLES.TV.- Production of «Lost fagot«, an original series created by Roberto enríquez, popularly known as Bob Pop. Drawing inspiration from episodes from his own life, but with a good dose of fiction and fantasy, Bob Pop will rebuild in this production of El Terrat the life trajectory of a small town boy in search of his own identity: his parents' misunderstanding, his difficult fit into a homophobic society, his first love and sexual flings, his arrival in Madrid ...

A character named Bob, as its creator, and whom the viewer will find in various stages played by different actors. From the eighties, when he is an overweight teenager and musical fan, to the present day, where he will play himself.

"Lost Fagot": Bob Pop's series inspired by his own lifeI never thought I was going to write something like 'Lost fagot»Until I realized that I had been writing it in every book, in every column in the press, in every collaboration on television with Andreu Buenafuente... And I think I would never have dared to do a series like this without the love and complicity of Andreu (who gave me the title) and from Berto. Now I just want to do it right » has declared Bob Pop, who is defined as a «star intellectual".

Andreu Buenafuente, CEO El Terrat, said about Bob Pop: "His talent, the honesty with which he writes and the freedom that his series breathes are the ideal cocktail against intransigence." At the moment, there will be six episodes of the first installment, all written by the comedian himself. A production between fiction and biopic which will begin filming this fall and will be released in 2021 in TNT.

"Lost Fagot": Bob Pop's series inspired by his own life

Source: The Terrat

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