Maricoin, the new cryptocurrency for the LGTBI collective

Maricoin, the new cryptocurrency for the LGTBI collective Maricoin, the new cryptocurrency for the LGTBI collective

The first cryptocurrency created by and for the LGTBI collective in the world was born in Chueca and is called Maricoin

It is said that if all the members who identify themselves with any of the acronyms of the LGTBI met in a single country, it would become the world's fourth largest economic potential. In total, it is estimated that around 7,5% of the global population are included in the collective, aside from the millions of supporters with the cause of sexual diversity and inclusion. The market you want to reach maricoin is immense considering, in addition, that what is known as the pinkeconomy it has become a socio-economic phenomenon that moves 5 billion dollars annually around the world.

This may be one of the incentives the creators of maricoin, a cryptocurrency for the collective LGTBI. It is a global project born in Chueca with the vocation of becoming a cryptocurrency in common use in the group around the world. In fact, as of December 31, if restrictions allow it, many of those attending the end of the year parties organized in the neighborhood of Chueca (Madrid), Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), Ibiza or Barcelona, they can pay for their drinks with faggots in at least 25 establishments LGBT friendly.

According to the promoters of the project, «there is already a waiting list to get premium maricoins before the currency is listed which can be accessed through the address '.

The Maricoin project

What they have created is an alternative cryptocurrency with the model Altcoin (Without a stable value associated with a 'fiat' currency, such as the dollar or the euro, but depends on supply and demand). They have developed it with the technology of Algorand, the blockchain created by Silvio Micali, cryptographic expert, professor at MIT and winner of the Turig Prize. Hence, the Maricoin project is one of the ten that have become part of the acceleration program of Algorand Miami Accelerator.

Integrating into this ecosystem has forced maricoin to become Miami city ​​to which its mayor, Francis Suarez, wants to become the crypto paradise of the world. Move in the environment of Algorand will also allow the project of maricoin access financing from its investment arm, Borderless capital, a venture capital fund aimed at promoting the “next generation” of decentralized projects on the blockchain Algorand.

Thanks to Borderless Capital Maricoins opts to receive, next February, part of a million dollars of investment in a public round open to the 10 projects integrated in the accelerator of Miami. This will provide them with the financial lung to move forward with the global project.

Maricoin, the new cryptocurrency for the LGTBI collective

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