LGTBIQ+ activism says goodbye to photographer Mar Llop

LGTBIQ+ activism says goodbye to photographer and trans activist Mar Llop LGTBIQ+ activism says goodbye to photographer Mar Llop

Mar Llop portrayed gender identities for a decade with his project “Construccions identitàries”

Work in progress, was the subtitle of his most ambitious project: «Identity constructions«. Tue lol he soon understood that he would have to fight to build himself. She knew that families are created by the same and the more diverse, the better. Today her LGTBIQ + family and especially her trans family, her feminist and all the people who love her, have fired her at the funeral home.

Tue managed to unite his activism with his profession. For a decade she has been portraying the transition process of many people and with her work, she has opened the doors of many closets and helped many trans women.

Things have changed a lot in the last ten years... The trans emergence caught Sea Llop in plenitude and its photos that culminated in the book «Identity constructions Work in progress«, the continuation of the project with «Family identity constructions» and his involvement in the documentary «EnFemme» were fundamental for the visibility of the collective trans* en Catalunya. His work is a testimony of a specific people and moment, but it becomes universal when exposing the transition process.

LGTBIQ+ activism says goodbye to photographer and trans activist Mar Llop Tue lol she was an unstoppable activist: a member of the cross-dressing association EnFemme, one of the founders and president of the Catalan association of transsexual people Generate!, actively involved with Trans * forms the Salut and more recently responsible for the working group of the Llei Trans of the National LGBTI Council. Just a month ago she was photographing in Madrid the march organized by Chrysallis against delays in State Trans Law.

Those who knew his accurate shot also knew that he always had a mischievous and ironic smile behind the camera. In one of the self-portraits of him you could read the word fragile. Because he was also vulnerable, and exposing himself is always complicated. When it was necessary he did it. That's how we met her Gayles.tv the first time: shy and brave. I presented her exhibition and we did the first report capturing change. From then on we crossed paths through life and activism. Then came the documentary about cross-dressing «EnFemme« and last year with transit of trans* families.

Tue It was always present and will continue to be present. Because she has left a very important legacy for all the people who knew her and especially for trans people who will have references to cling to.

Work in progress, Sea.

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