"Mom, I'm gay"

"Mom, I'm gay"

"Ochéntame Otra Vez" (TVE) reviews the history of the LGTB + collective with the chapter "Mom, I'm gay"

GAYLES.TV.- The history of the LGBT + movement during the eighties already has its documentary. The chapter "Mom, I'm gay" it deals with rigor those years of rupture and freedom, but also of secrecy and pain. Through the testimonies that lived in the first person the struggle of the movement during the first years of democracy after the dictatorship, the documentary directed by Jordi barrachina, weaves an excellently documented mosaic. Nazario, Maria Giralt, Grande Marlaska, Jordi Petit, Luisgé Martin, Isabel Franc and Carla Antonelli they explain how they lived those years in which everything was to be done.

We thank RTVE the cession of the images used for the report.

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