Madonna defends drag queens

Madonna defends drag queens Madonna defends drag queens

Madonna adds Nashville to her tour in protest of new anti-drug laws drag queens

Madonna has decided to add one more date to his tour The Celebration Tour en Nashville, Tennessee to raise funds for organizations that defend the rights of trans people. The choice is not accidental, on the contrary. He does it to denounce the new legislation approved on March 3 that restricts the actions of drag queens in public spaces and in places where they can be seen by minors.

"The oppression of the collective LGTBIQ + is not only unacceptable and inhumane, but it is creating an unsafe environment and making United States a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially black trans women”, wrote the queen of pop in her account Instagram, with almost 19 million followers. A portion of the proceeds from the concert will go to organizations that defend women's rights. trans people.

Madonna defends drag queensThe artist described as “pathetic" and of "unfounded” this new law that will enter into force on July 1 and assured that he will dedicate his presentation in the city of Nashville, next December 22, to celebrate "the beauty of the queer community".

Tennessee restricts shows drag

The new Tennessee law defines drag queen numbers as “cabaret for adults”, and equates them to performances by strippers and topless dancers, and extends to these shows the same regulations that prohibit their performance in public spaces or in the presence of adolescents.

The first time this law, passed by the Republican governor of Tennessee Bill Lee shall be considered a misdemeanor, with a penalty of up to U.S. dollar 2.500 or imprisonment for one year. A second violation would be considered a crime, with more serious penalties, so much so that it could mean six years in jail.

Madonna defends drag queens




Sources: El Paí

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