MADO: Burst of color against homophobia

MADO: Burst of color against homophobia

The celebration of Pride 2014 in Madrid filled our retina with colors, our skin with sensations and our ears with good music and slogans. May all of this serve to silence the voices of those who insult, harass and discriminate.
With its stones we will build not a wall, but the house of all. The best pearls of homophobia in this video.

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  1. This year he cannot go, but I assure you that the one who comes Martín and I will be there enjoying with you. Huge kisses.

    1. We will be happy to meet you next year in Madrid. We are going to share great moments together !! xx

  2. Rakitic does not want gays in the locker room but he does in the field to celebrate with them.
    Example: The kiss that happened with his partner, Carriço.

  3. I saw the video ... I am actually gay but the only problem that these people have made think like this is our way of acting and even many times the perversion that exists in this environment ... until we change the look of the world will not change About us…. It is my opinion

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