The minors arrested for the crime of Samuel, sentenced to three and a half years for murder

arrested samuel case The minors arrested for the crime of Samuel, sentenced to three and a half years for murder

Three of the adults remain in prison awaiting trial. The youngest will serve their sentence in a supervised center in a closed regime and will spend another three years on probation.

The only two young people who were minors when they participated in the brutal beating that ended the life of Samuel Luis in the middle of the drinking area A Coruña last july will serve a sentence for the crime of murder. As reported by the High Court of Justice of Galicia, the defendants, who remained under guardianship in a juvenile center, have reached an agreement in accordance with the parties appearing at the acknowledge the facts and will remain hospitalized, in a closed regime, three and a half years.

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Court sources have denied the news that the boys were released after reaching the maximum term of nine months of preventive internment if the trial was not held. The conformity agreement was reached at the beginning of April, before the expiration of that period.

The sentence of three and a half years also contemplates the measure of probation for another three years from the day they leave the juvenile facility. Five other people, four boys and one girl, were arrested. in the framework of the investigation into the savage aggression against the young man from Coruña on the first night of nightlife after the restrictions of the pandemic. Three of the men entered provisional prison while the woman and the other young man remain free with charges.

The conviction of the minors, for murder and not for homicide, marks the course of the open case against adults who are in prison. Both the Prosecutor's Office and the other accusations demand a sentence for the most serious crime, waiting for a trial date to be set. The crime took place in the early hours of July 3, when the attacking group was in a cocktail bar and Samuel Luiz Muñiz, whom they did not know at all, was with a friend, talking by video call with another girl from Pontevedra.

What National Police described as a "human pack" pounced on the young man, who could not defend himself despite la help from two Senegalese citizens they were in the boardwalk area. Although Luiz managed to get up, his assailants chased him across the street and subdued him again. When he stopped moving, they fled. For several weeks, after the homophobic overtones of the massacre spread through social networks, the event in A Coruña gave rise to massive acts of protest throughout Spain.

The Police consider it proven that Samuel was yelled "fag", but they have not yet confirmed the homophobic hatredLGTBI + associations call demonstrations throughout Spain in rejection of the murder of Samuel in A Coruña



Sources: El País

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