Prohibited "Gais" haircuts in Iran

Prohibited "Gais" haircuts in Iran

NEWS.- All dictatorial systems have an obsession with unifying citizens and this time it was up to Iran and the way Iranians can cut their hair.

Ya in the 2010 they prohibited long hair, horsetails and the use of capillary gel for males, but now they have decided to further narrow the aesthetic question. In view of the fact that for some years "emo" style, with its smoothed and hackles, has become fashionable among young people in Iran, the authorities have made an explicit condemnation for considering them too Western, contrary to Islam and because it is a homosexual style.

The Islamic Governor Ali Hoseini Khamenei has ensured that a process is underway so that men cannot wear "gay" haircuts. So that there is no doubt about it, brochures have been distributed in all hairdressers in the country showing which hairstyles are gay and which ones are not suitable in general. Too Practices such as shaving eyebrows, tattoos and tanning with UVA rays have been banned for men.
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Mostafa Govahi, leader of the Iranian barbers union has made a statement to the news agency ISNA in which he affirms that "Any establishment that makes satanic style haircuts or that imitates 'western styles' will be severely sanctioned and his license will be revoked." He insisted that if someone makes a gay-style hairstyle "he will be violating Islamic standards" and therefore his hairdressing salon will be closed. In the paroxysm of the hair thing, Mostafa added  "Haircuts that show symbols or signs of devil worship or adopted by homosexuals are prohibited".

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If at any time this information makes us smile, let's not forget that sodomy in Iran is a crime that can be punished with the death penalty if the people punished are adults (older than 15) and healthy in mind. In the case of minors of 15 years the punishment is of 74 lashes. Raped, whipped and executed in the name of Allah.

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