The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts

From Stretching the Gum to Hey Polo

The number of Spaniards who decide to join the podcast fever is increasing, an industry that continues to grow throughout the world. And it is that every day almost 20.000 new podcasts are published in the world, a number that is increasing month by month to the point that 23% of the podcasts released this year already have at least 10 episodes, according to the Podimo platform. .

According to a Spotify survey, more than 30% of the Spanish population listens to podcasts "quite frequently" and 40% of these listeners are young people between 27 and 39 years of age (millennials). In the last year alone podcast listeners grew by 55% worldwide and counting.

The offer is huge, and sometimes it can be difficult to dive among it. That is why we have made a selection with the 5 best LGTBIQ+ podcasts, ranging from informative, vindictive and even testimonial and comedy podcasts:

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts


Stretching the gum is a comedy podcast that arises from the need to Victoria Martin (@livingpostureo) Caroline Iglesias (@percebesygrelos) to crack down on all the things that outrage them. Is he "buns' favorite Twitter«. Week by week and on a specific topic, Carol y Vicky they share experiences and anecdotes with other women, make social criticism, disrespect each other and sing. They sing terrible. A comedy podcast in which the guests leave their panties on. Literally every interviewee who comes on the show has to wear one of their panties and tell a story about the garment. It was award Waves 2021 to the best podcast.

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts


Come for the joke, stay for the traumas. @quesipuedohablar is driven by Beatriz Cepeda Bitch of Satan y Enrique Aparicio (@esnorquel), two colleagues outside the convention who, through various conversations in real time, want to convey to us what it is like «being a fagot from the village and a fat woman from the province«. Being self-parodicxs and laughing at their daily lives is the best antidote that this duo found to survive a world that is not usually especially kind to queer people and non-hegemonic bodies.

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts


Tamara tenenbaum (@tamtenenbaum) and Diego Tajer (@diegotajer) are defined as «two millennial philosophers, Jewish and a little disturbed, eager to understand what it means for our generation to do things right«. This Argentine podcast dissects in each episode such important parts for the experience LGTBIQ + such as desire, the self on the internet or identity politics. His talks are those of having a pen and paper close by to write down concepts and readings, since new things are always learned.

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts


Some reviews describe @rimelycastigo3 as "a space for trash TV and podcast nonsense«. It may be that this is the best description that has been made, always in a good way. Naira y @damiancomendador They talk about everything and nothing in each episode, sometimes in the company of a guest who also takes the conversation to unexpected places. Black humor in spurts.

The 5 best LGBTQ+ podcasts


The podcast that New York Times has defined as "an hour of turra in charge of two clowns who would be billing twelve thousand euros a month if the world were a fair place”. Really. The New York Times. What happened this month? What happened a decade ago but we feel like commenting today because yes? Who has merit to be singled out as an involutionary individual, or, what is the same, who are the winners in the Bertin Awards? Welcome everyone*. Thanks for coming. Everything will be fine. Ana Polo y Hey Sherman (Martha Rovira) make a vindictive, homemade, feminist, musical and retro podcast, in which Carlos Baute and the custard apple share the limelight.

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