Liniker, the trans singer-songwriter who has revolutionized Brazil

Liniker and Os Caramelows Liniker, the trans singer-songwriter who has revolutionized Brazil

"Liniker e os caramelows" are a worldwide musical phenomenon

GAYLES.TV.- Black, poor and trans. With so much intersectionality Liniker He did not have privileges that would allow him to dream of going too far. But nevertheless, Barros Ferreira Campos Liniker (Araraquara 1995) has captivated the music scene with just 24 years with its Brazilian black music. In 2015 he formed the band Liniker and you caramelows and since then everything has gone too fast.

Liniker and Os CaramelowsYour video clips accumulate more than 40 millions of views in YouTube and have already been nominated for a Latin Grammy. His first studio album, Traces, placed them third in the list of the best album of the year of Rolling Stone Brazil.

"CI pray that we have managed to create our firm. It is a little processed sound, where you hear the atmosphere, the details. It is also our Brazilian way of expressing ourselves. We have created a tropical sound, alive, very connected with what happens”, Says the young singer. Elected as an Equality ambassador by the ONULiniker embodies everything that the president Jair Bolsonaro despises His combative lyrics have made the group a benchmark for the population LGTB + oppressed in the carioca country.

"We live in a very difficult country. We began to recognize each other and want to leave because we had no representation. We wanted to enter the spaces in which until that moment we did not have access" Explain Liniker. "With Bolsonaro in power, we are afraid, we are exposed", the Mint.

Source: TV snail, Slaughterhouse, El País

Photography: Linker e os Caramelows


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