The LGTBIQ+ presence at the Goya Awards

The LGTBIQ+ side of the Goya Awards The LGTBIQ+ presence at the Goya Awards

The Goya 2023 have claimed the rights of the LGTBIQ+ collective, equality and non-regulatory bodies

La 37 edition of the Goya Awards was marked by the tribute to Carlos Saura, but, in addition, by an important vindictive spirit.

Susi sanchez, Winner Goya for Best Supporting Actress for their role in Five little wolves, defended the gender equality. "It is true that the participation of women is growing in the cinema, but we need to open many doors, and we cannot just do it, we need the other half, you«. Sanchez claimed the role of women inside and outside the cinema. She defended that it is “It is important that this does not become a fight for equality". "We have to reach agreements, we are together in this society and, if society is a disaster, it is in our hands to try to fix it.", Dijo.

“So far few doors have been opened to us: the kitchen and the bedroom”, continued the actress, who caught the attention of her colleagues: “Realize that we have many things to give and offer”. The Valencian actress has recently recognized that there was a time when she lost papers for having made her homosexuality public. Sanchez He had a relationship of more than 30 years with the theater director consolation trujillo, from whom he separated in 2021.

Lesbian visibility was also present at the hand in hand gala Esther Ballesteros, which won the Best Special Effects Award for the film Model 77. He dedicated it to his children, his wife and his teachers: “First of all I have to send a big kiss to my children, who have to go to bed... and to all my family. My wife, Judith, who is also here.".

Diversity was the protagonist

The film As Bestas, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, received nine statuettes. Without a doubt, this rural drama was the big winner of the night, taking three of the most important prizes: Goya for best film, direction and original screenplay. The filmmaker wanted to put the trans collective at the center of the conversation by painting their nails with the colors of the trans flag. When asked about that detail, he replied: "It is to make visible the most crushed group in the history of humanity".

The Javis together with April Zamora they starred in the most moment LGTBIQ + of the evening The Academy projected a montage with several scenes LGTBIQ + before the delivery of Goya for Best New Actress. "As long as there is only one person who remains trapped, who continues without freedom, we will be there with our stories and our films to try to break the bars that are necessary "Said Javi calvo.

Laura Galan was awarded and picked it up with a rainbow flag in the background for her role in the film Little Pig, a film in which the protagonist is harassed for her weight and appearance. The actress launched one of the most applauded messages of the night: “You are not to blame, there is nothing wrong with you and you". It was a plea for the love of all bodies. The prize for Telmo Irureta, who defended the right to sexuality of people with disabilities. People with disabilities"we also fuck”He recalled.

The LGTBIQ+ side of the Goya Awards

Sources: SpindriftRTVE

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