LGTBIphobia in Uganda with the excuse of the coronavirus

LGTBIphobia in Uganda with the excuse of COVID-19 LGTBIphobia in Uganda with the excuse of the coronavirus

Police detain 20 LGBT + people accused of violating social distancing measures in Uganda

GAYLES.TV.- 20 people LGBT + have been detained for disobeying the rules on physical distancing and risking the spread of coronavirus en Uganda. Last sunday in kyengera, a town near Kampala, the police broke into a well-known shelter for LGTB + people seeking community and HIV treatment. Fourteen gay men, two bisexual men and four transgender women were detained by police in a raid and accused of violating the president's orders.

"The arrests were initially for homophobia and transphobia because the neighbors denounced them and the security forces came and raided them. These people were at home and they know each other, " said Mugisha. «Now they are putting them in prison where they will be most at risk«, Complaint Frank mugisha, a well-known activist who defends the rights of LGTB + people in Uganda.

Coronavirus as an excuse

LGTBIphobia in Uganda with the excuse of COVID-19Mugisha He said that attacks against homosexuals are often underreported in Uganda, and warned that hate crimes against homosexuals could increase amid the pandemic. «It is evident that they were arrested for their homosexuality", alert Mugisha who showed his concern for his safety since «some of them are taking AIDS medications«.

The police of Uganda is applying measures imposed by the president Yoweri Museveni as part of efforts to stop local transmission of coronavirus. Uganda announced its first case of COVID-19 on March 21 and now has 52 confirmed cases, most of them imported.

In recent years, sanctions in Uganda against the LGBT + community have been tightened, including the death penalty by hanging. Uganda remains one of the worst places in the world for LGTB + people.

LGTBIphobia in Uganda with the excuse of COVID-19

Photography: Alisdare Hickson (Metro Weekly), Gay Spirit 


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