Trans Law: self-determination is not touched

Trans law: self-determination is not touched Trans Law: self-determination is not touched

The PSOE assures that it will not touch gender self-determination and maintains its doubts about intra-gender violence

The address of the PSOE has decided to settle the debate on the Trans Law, in an attempt to end the internal shock that has caused in the party. The Socialists have abandoned this Thursday their lack of definition on the most controversial aspects of the project such as self-determination and have decided not to wait for the presentation of amendments to the text that will be debated in the Congressional Equality Commission to announce that they will not question their essential part.

As stated in the text that was approved by the Council of Ministers, therefore, from the age of 16, any trans person will be able to change the registration mention of sex in the registry without the need, as until now, to undergo therapy treatments. As of the approval of the law, the process will consist of going to the registry, making the request and in a maximum period of 4 months it will have to be resolved.

The parliamentary amendments PSOE will be primarily focused on Article 65 of the draft, specifically the one that mentions the application of the law of gender violence, since the greatest concern in the socialist ranks has to do with the comparison of other forms of violence with gender violence.

Delay in processing

El PSOE assumes that the PP y Vox will appeal the future law in the Constitutional Court and that is why they want to give it the greatest legal certainty. "ANDhe legislature can improve the law and make it more robust against attacks from those who are true enemies of the rights of groups”, Socialist sources point out to justify the orientation that their amendments will have.

The lack of agreement on PSOE was delaying the processing of the law, raised in principle by the urgent route. Last Monday, the Socialists joined the PP to extend the period for tabling amendments, a way of freezing the debate. Now the first government party assures that will not hinder your processing, although the immediate priority is to advance the negotiation on the State budgets.

Irene Montero: "We are not going to allow any setback"

Trans law: self-determination is not touched

Before knowing the official socialist position, the author of the project, IRene Montero, had once again demanded that the parliamentary process begin. Huntsman He indicated that he would not accept opening debates that question “central aspects of the law". "We are not going to consent to any setback in rights with respect to what is agreed in the text of the law, because this is a great social and also political consensus”, declared Huntsman. Yolanda Diaz insisted in very similar terms:Not a step back with this norm, speed".

For its part, the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and more (Felgtbi+), Chrysallis and Fundación Triángulo defended this Wednesday the “absolute urgency” to pass the Trans Law and warned that they will not allow “debates are reopened on issues already agreed upon, which involved a lot of work, effort and compromise on all sides"

Feijoo vows to repeal trans law if passed

Alberto Nunez Feijoo considers that the trans law is "a frivolity that affects the rights of women that affects the rights of children and that makes a joke of a good part of the basic principles of human dignity”.

The leader of the opposition has promised to repeal the norm in the event that it is finally approved in the Congress of Deputies and PP have enough votes in the next elections.

“I perfectly understand the feminist movements that what they seek is an equality that I subscribe to between genders and what I cannot understand is the frivolity that adolescents, people even without legal age, can simply by a decision not even thought out, nor even under the supervision of health professionals, take hormones or carry out irreversible surgical interventions”, has declared feijoo.

Trans law: self-determination is not touched

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  1. Long live gender self-perception. It is not necessary to undergo surgery or take hormones to legally be a woman and to be treated as a woman by law. Come on, Irene. I know you can, we all trust you and Pedro Sánchez. We will overcome all obstacles without stopping.

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