The protagonists of the series «Veneno», winners of the Ondas Award

The protagonists of the series «Veneno», winners of the Ondas Award

Jedet, Daniela Santiago and Isabel Torres winners of the Ondas Award for Best Female Interpreter for «Veneno»

GAYLES.TV.- The Ondas Awards they have awarded Jedet, Daniela Santiago e Isabel Torres for its interpretation in the Serie "Veneno«. The three actresses played the role of Cristina OrtizKnown as La Veneno, who became famous in the XNUMXs on shows like «Tonight we cross the Mississippi»Or«The Pelican's Smile«. The duo of creators Javier Calvo y Javier Ambrossi They have given it the recognition it deserved and have made it current again.

Last week we learned that there would be a second season of this biopic that has been applauded by the public and critics. An overwhelming success whose broadcast on free made it the most viewed content: 5.862.000 people at some point saw «Veneno»Last Sunday night.

Based on the work «I say! Not a whore, not a saint. The memories of La Veneno»(2016) written by Valeria vegas, this production of The Javis It is also sweeping social networks. In its final week, the series amassed 62.800 tweets and nearly 22 million impressions. Only during the weekend of its denouement, the fiction had 18 million impressions, more than 52.900 tweets and 10 trending topics, taking the first position on Saturday night.

The series shows the life of Cristina Ortiz, The Poison, from her childhood to her death and is played by three actresses: Jedet Sanchez in its transition stage, Daniela santiago in his leap to television sets and fame and Isabel Torres in its final stage on television in programs like DEC y Saturday Deluxe after being released from jail for a crime of fraud on the insurance of his apartment.

The protagonists of the series "Veneno", winners of the Ondas Award

Controversy with TERFs

In the last hours there have been protests by TERF feminists who oppose the award of the award since, they say, they eliminate women from their own categories.

Comment Paula Fraga, TERF feminist very active on her Twitter account:

“The # Ondas2020 award for best actress? For three transfemale men. But then we feminists are "conspiracy exaggerated" when we say that the transgender movement and its identity laws compromise the spaces and rights of women and promote our social and legal erasure. Not only that, but we have to put up with the harassment, insults and threats from the entire queer parishioner and related personalities who call themselves progressives and who keep quiet or participate in it because they are not branded as "transphobos" "

'Veneno', the Los Javis series, will premiere on March 29 on Atresplayer

Source: La Sexta, Wikipedia, The Spanish

Photographer: ATRESplayer

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