'Tefía's Nights' wins the GLAAD award for best Spanish-language TV series

Tefía's nights 'Tefía's Nights' wins the GLAAD award for best Spanish-language TV series

The GLAAD Awards award 'Tefía's Nights' as best Spanish-speaking TV series

Tefía's nights has been recognized as the best Spanish-speaking series in the prestigious awards GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, in its acronym in English), American non-profit organization dedicated to the defense of the L groupGTBIQ+ and cultural change.

This international award for Tefía's nights It adds to the one it won in the script category at the last MIPCOM Diversity TV Awards, also for making visible a reality of the collective LGTBIQ + until that moment not told. In addition, Patrick Criado took the Waves for Best Actor for his role as 'La Vespa' in the series. Before the Atresmedia production, they also won the GLAAD for the best Spanish-speaking series Veneno (2021) and Lost fagot (2022)

Created by Miguel del Arco, playwright, screenwriter, stage director, actor and one of the most influential voices on the theater scene of our country, Tefía's nights narrates from three timelines (two real and one imaginary within its own universe) one of the most unknown episodes in our history: the concentration camp Francoist regime that existed between the 50s and 60s in Fuerteventura where those convicted of the crime were held Law of Vagrants and Crooks. The series, made up of six episodes, is available on Atresplayer since last June.

Law of vagrants and thugs

Between 1954 and 1966 it existed, in a desert area of Fuerteventura, a Francoist concentration camp known by the euphemistic name of Colonia Agrícola Penitenciaria de Tefía, one of many places where the regime sent those convicted by the law of vagrants and crooks which, starting in '54, was implemented to also include homosexuals.

In order to survive the harsh conditions of the concentration camp, the prisoners' imagination is triggered and in their minds they will create a dreamlike place in which their greatest fantasies are fulfilled and their desires come true: The tindaya.

Memory and pain

Tefía's nightsEn Tefía's nights The story is told in a completely original way. One of the protagonists, Airam Betancor(Jorge Perrugoría), is forced to remember his time in the Tefía Penitentiary Agricultural Colony, the euphemism by which these concentration camps were known. A painful memory exercise that will cause many problems in your life. «I was 19 years old when they arrested me, I was a child«recalls the voice-over. «They didn't hold a trial or anything, they sentenced me to forced labor in the Tefía Penitentiary Colony where I spent the most atrocious 17 months of my life.", keep going.

The story alternates with the harshness with which the detainees are treated as they arrive and are classified after a «medical examination» in which the dilation of sphincters is determined. «Perhaps, given his youth, it is a simple curiosity about sexual aberration.«says the character of Tefía's doctor. «It's just confusion, don't worry, we are going to clear up all your doubts here.«says the prison director. «My name is Don Anselmo Umpierrez, if you are here it is because you are perpetrators of acts that offend healthy morals. Spain does not need thugs, lazy people, pimps, or sodomites. I hope they know how to live up to our sacrifice", Presents itself.

Sources: La SextaVertel

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