Companies benefit from being pro LGTBIQ+

Most American consumers prefer companies to be inclusive Companies benefit from being pro LGTBIQ+

Most American consumers prefer companies to be inclusive

This year they have presented in United States almost 500 bills that restrict rights LGTBIQ+, more than in the last five years. The rhetoric against the community is growing and the hate speech spreads through social networks as a result of these restrictive laws. What role do companies play?

For companies with pro policies LGTBIQ +, it is no longer a question of if they will face a reaction from the most conservative, but when. Target Corp.. She suffered a misinformation campaign when fans claimed she was selling swimsuits for trans children. He wasn't, but that didn't stop people from believing it to be true and harassing the workers. An association in Instagram with the influencer Dylan Mulvaney sparked such an anti-trans furor that sales of Bud Light en United States they briefly fell 18%.

Committed companies

Most American consumers prefer companies to be inclusiveGiven that 7,2% of American adults identify as LGTBIQ +, less politically allied companies might try to avoid controversy by simply not catering to them. But they would be losing a lot of money. Globally, people LGTBIQ + They have an estimated purchasing power of 3,9 trillions of dollars. A survey carried out by the consulting firm Edelman found that Americans are twice as likely to support pro brands LGTBIQ + and 4,5 times more likely to work for them.

Millennials and Generation Z have more options than previous generations to identify as LGTBIQ +, so companies that court them as customers or employees must attract them. They notice when a company supports rights LGTBIQ + and when not.

The new generations of consumers are much more demanding with corporate diversity and accountability. When the advertisements North Face in which the drag queen appeared Pattie Gonia they incited Marjorie Taylor Greene and others to convene a boycott. The company did not back down.

The end of Pinkwashing?

It's not just about marketing. Earlier this year, the job search company Indeed Inc. offered a relocation fee of U.S. dollar 10.000 for trans employees or those with trans children who want to leave a state with restrictive laws. So far, several people have accepted the offer.

In the end, an increasingly hostile climate has made the community LGTBIQ + be less forgiving of empty corporate gestures. They want real support. They want medical attention. According to numerous polls, the majority of Americans, regardless of gender or sexual identity, agree. «This is going to eliminate companies that don't really support our community", He says DuVally. "And I don't think that's necessarily such a bad thing.«.


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Sources: Bloomberg

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