The University of Malaga teaches a master with homophobic content

The University of Malaga teaches a master with homophobic content The University of Malaga teaches a master with homophobic content

In the course of the University of Malaga they define homosexuality as a «affective abnormality»And speak of a use«fraudulent»From the term homophobia

GAYLES.TV.- To celebrate this year's pride the University of Malaga (UMA) He modified his profile picture on social networks by adapting his logo to the rainbow flag. On August 18, 1972, this institution was approved by decree, which since 2004 offers the master's degree in «Family science«. Those responsible say they have not received any complaints in its 21 editions, despite the fact that comments and references of a homophobic nature and contrary to the rights of women in the reproductive field are issued in the aforementioned course. We insist: it is not enough to hang flags and color reality. You have to be aware of what the acronyms mean LGTB + and its history.

The University of Malaga teaches a master with homophobic contentThe academic director of the master is Thomas Melero, Professor of Philosophy who was appointed a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family by the Pope Benedict. More than 80 published books, 140 collaborations in books and specialized magazines, as well as a good number of brochures, pamphlets and popular articles endorse it according to the UMA. In one of those works written alongside Lourdes Millan-Puelles and published by the publisher Rialp (linked to Opus Dei) it is stated: «Who does not succeed overcome certain emotional deviations There should be no illusion of finding in marriage a talisman that heals everything. On the contrary, you should consider the possible serious injustice that you commit against your partner«.

"A deviation"

According to the newspaper Public, in a master's degree document entitled «The complex world of affectivity«, It is pointed out that«the fraudulent use of words and expressions - the 'manipulation of language as it is often called - leads many people to accept as good what, if it were expressed in the proper way and could be well known, would undoubtedly be rejected". melero He is also the author of another text, entitled «The beauty of sexuality«, In which he defines homosexuality as a«deviation«.

Among those "fraudulent uses»Of the words specifically cite the term«homophobia«, Used«to disavow (treating them properly as mentally ill: phobia is rated by the WHO as a psychic anomaly) to those who do not consider homosexuality normal ... not long ago it itself considered a disease«.

Pathological transphobia

The bibliography of the fourth unit of the master's degree includes the text entitled «From gender to family perspective" written by Rafael Santamaria, Director of the Faculty of Law of the San Pablo Catholic University of Peru in which you can read: «Transsexuality leads to the individual not wanting to recognize their sex and wants to live according to the opposite biological sex, even going so far as to undergo surgery and make their anatomical features disappear. One aspect to highlight is that in the anatomy of the transsexual, their sex is perfectly defined, without ambiguities, it is male or female », sustains. «Psychiatric treatment is the most appropriate to resolve this pathological phenomenon of mainly socio-psychological origin«.

Source:, UMA

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