Trans activist and 'tiktoker' Daniela Requena joins the PSPV executive

Trans activist and 'tiktoker' Daniela Requena joins the PSPV executive

The journalist Daniela Requena will be the secretary of the LGTBI and Diversity area of ​​the PSPV-PSOE of the province of Valencia

Daniela Requena, 30, has decided to jump from the networks to politics by accepting the position of secretary of the area LGBTI and Diversity of the new executive PSPV-PSOE from the province of Valencia, leadered by Carlos Fernandez Bielsa.

She has a degree in journalism and has worked as an editor in media such as Heart or in the program «Save me"To Telecinco. Her journey on social networks began when she decided to share her sexual reassignment surgery with her followers. The Valencian, known in the networks as Daniela Mermaid, accumulate more than 825.000 followers en TikTok and near 55.000 on other networks like Instagram. From her accounts, she denounces the discrimination of the transsexual group, she does pedagogy and explains in the first person her experiences as a trans woman.

The influencer has valued that her work in the Provincial Executive will be to fight firmly to expand the rights of the collective LGTBI. An objective that, as he has explained, he already carried out altruistically through his videos where he denounced the inequalities and social problems that this group faces. However, he admits, “politics, in addition to serving as a loudspeaker, is a transforming instrument. I feel proud to be able to lead a secretariat whose center of political action is trans people and the implementation of actions to put a stop to the violence that is exercised against them.".


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In one of his videos TikTok explains its purpose and its way of acting: “I use the trans and transgender hashtag basically because a lot of my content is based around sharing my transition as a trans woman, both surgically and emotionally, which I think can help a lot of people. If a person who doesn't know me at all puts in, gets into TikTok and puts the word trans or transsexual you can access my profile and it has a lot of information that you may find useful.

“But what I am not going to do is go down the street to buy bread or meet a guy in a nightclub with a hashtag in his head that says trans. Because I have always said that I am very proud to be a trans woman and I have no problem admitting it. But I am totally free to decide where, when, how and to whom I tell that I am a transsexual woman. In fact, in legal terms, the law protects me, because I am a woman, as it says on my ID and in my family book.", Add.

The trans i'tiktoker' activist Daniela Requena joins the PSPV executive

Sources: niusEl País20 minutes

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