The Maga Equality is transphobic

The Wizard of Equality is transphobic The Maga Equality is transphobic

The journalist Carmen Alonso resigned from representing the Maga Fraternidad for not sharing space with Ángela Escribano, known for being contrary to the Trans Law

The Cavalcade of the «Wizards of Gene»has outraged LGTBi collectives and activists for the inclusion of the feminist Angela Escribano in this festive act held this morning in Valencia, playing the role of the magician Equality. The journalist Carmen alonso, who was going to represent another of the republican magicians, Fraternity-Sorority, he gave up doing it for his refusal to share "space" with Escribano, which has given life to the magician Equality and which he has accused of «incite hatred» and to spread transphobic messages.

The collective Lambda as well as other activists for the rights of people LGTBI as the councilor of Valencia City Council Lluïsa Notary and the former deputy of PSOE and activist Carla Antonelli have shown their support for Alonso, journalist and podcaster.

«For a long time, the groups LGTBI + we are very aware of transphobic profile of Ángela Escribano but in certain situations we choose to remain silent because we also know that trans-exclusionary movements profit from positioning themselves as victims when we denounce their transphobia", has highlighted the collective Lambda it's a statement.

consistency example

Lambda, a leading entity in the defense of people's rights LGTBI, has affirmed: the public denunciation of the comments of Angela Escribano it is "a magnificent example of how the Valencian society respectful and committed to human rights has to act«. «We trust that she is also quite mature to see the great mistake of exalting those who do not respect the rights of trans people, which are human rights.yes," he said.

The expression "exalt» is clearly directed to the Choral Society El Micalet, which is in charge of choosing the three representatives of this procession that recalls the one carried out in 1937, at the time of the Second Republic, to entertain the children who fled from the front and Franco's troops.

After the resignation of the journalist Carmen alonso, the three characters of the magas have been represented by the actress, theatrical educator and director María Colomer (Libertad); the trainer in prevention of gender violence and president of the Amelia Valcárcel School of Feminist Thought, Angela Escribano (Equality) and the poet and educator Irina Yellows (Fraternity-Sorority).

The Wizard of Equality is transphobic

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